20. Pinna with anthropometric concha and ear canal

KB5000 is a right pinna with anthropometric concha and ear canal for KEMAR. It is made of soft silicone, 35 Shore OO hardness.


KB5000是用于KEMAR的一款带有人体测量的仿真外耳和仿真耳道的右边仿真耳廓。 它由柔软的硅树脂制成,属于35 Shore OO硬度类別。

More details

The external shape of the pinna is identical to that of the standardized KEMAR pinna,  but concha and canal have been modified so that they closely mimic the properties of a real human ear. The ear canal has been extended and is an integral part of the pinna that now seals directly against the ear simulator. Like the human ear, the ear canal now has the 1st and 2nd bend, and the interface with the concha is oval.



This shape makes it possible to achieve good fit and sealing with anatomically shaped ear-bud headphones, in-ear hearing protectors, and insert hearing aids. Controlling the insertion depth is easy, leading to better insertion consistency and improved repeatability of measurements.



The outer pinna has the same shape as the standardized pinna, but the flexibility has been improved to better mimic the way the human ear collapses when supra-aural and circum-aural earphones are mounted. When measuring the frequency response of these types of headphones, more reliable and repeatable measurements can be achieved because of the improved collapsability of the pinna. 



In addition to the traditional push mounting from the outside, the pinna is secured with two screws from the inside of KEMAR's head. These two screw ensure that the pinna is held firmly in place. Therefore, it seals perfectly against the ear simulator and the head, and it is therefore possible to mount and dismount DUTs repeatedly without compromising the seal.

除了从外部进行传统的推入式安装外,KB5000还可用KEMAR头部内侧的两个螺钉固定。这两个螺钉确保耳廓牢固地固定到位。因此,它能完美地密封在耳模拟器和人头模拟器上,也可以重复地安装和拆卸待测物(DUT) 而不损害其密封性。


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