25. Multifunction Sound Calibrator, class 1 - 42AG

The GRAS 42AG Multifunction Sound Calibrator is a portable, battery operated sound source for calibration and check of microphones and sound level meters. It is designed for field use and comes with a protective casing. It conforms to the requirements in IEC 60942 for a class 1 sound calibrator.

GRAS 42AG多功能声音校准器是一种便携式电池供电声源,用于校准和检查麦克风和声级计。 它专为现场使用而设计,带有保护外壳。 它符合IEC 60942中对1精度声音校准器的要求。

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It can produce a sinusoidal signal of 250 Hz or 1 kHz at 94 dB or 114 dB. For documentation purposes, 42AG provides display of the environmental conditions: ambient air pressure, temperature.

42AG可以在94 dB或114 dB 产生250 Hz 或1 kHz的弦波信号。 出于纪录目的,42AG亦可提供当时校准环境情况, 包括环境空气压力、温度。


The sound is generated by a small loudspeaker integrated in the acoustic coupler. An internal reference microphone measures the level in the coupler and a feed back circuit automatically adjusts the level. Therefore, the calibration level is virtually independent of ambient conditions like temperature, atmospheric pressure and humidity within the specified range of operation.

声音由集成在声耦合器中的小型扬声器产生。 内部参考麦克风测量耦合器中的电平和反馈电路自动调节电平。 因此,校准水平实际上与指定操作范围内的温度、大气压和湿度等环境条件无关。


The calibrator has been designed to serve 1” and smaller microphones and sound level meters equipped with such microphones. 1” microphones fit directly in the calibrator coupler, while 1/2”, 1/4” and 1/8” microphones are served by application of adapters that are part of the delivery.

校准器设计用于配备1寸和更小的麦克风以及配备此类麦克风的声级计。 1寸麦克风直接安装在校准器耦合器中,而1/2寸,1/4寸和1/8寸麦克风可配合GRAS提供的不同适配器来应用。


The calibrator is powered from two type LR03 alkaline batteries (AAA-size). lf the voltage supplied by the batteries is too low to ensure proper operation, the calibrator will automatically switch off or not switch on.

校准器由两节LR03碱性电池(AAA尺寸)供电。 如果电池供电电压过低而无法确保正常运行,校准器将自动关闭或不作开启。



42AG is designed to fulfil the need for a portable and versatile calibrator for field use. Also, it is designed to be the logical replacement or upgrade from existing calibrators.



42AG represents improved functionality and user friendliness. Its combination of portability, automatic level adjustment and two calibration frequencies and levels makes it a complete and self sufficient solution that can be used to perform a complete field-verification without the need for other instrumentation, e.g. for recording ambient calibration conditions.



With two calibration frequencies, 250 Hz and 1 kHz it is well suited for calibration of microphones that normally are calibrated at 250 Hz  as well as sound level meters which normally are calbrated at 1 kHz.

42AG具有两个校准频率,包括 250 Hz和1 kHz,非常适合校准通常以250 Hz校准的麦克风以及通常在1 kHz下校准的声级计。


42AG can calibrate at two different levels, 94dB and 114 dB. The 114  dB is a level that suits microphones with medium sensitivity, while the low level of 94 dB makes it possible to calibrate microphones with high sensitivity without overloading the microphone.

42AG可以在两个不同的电平下校准- 94dB和114dB。 114 dB是适合中等灵敏度麦克风的电平,而94 dB的低电平使得可以高灵敏度地校准麦克风而不会使麦克风过载。



Sound pressure level   声压级: 94 dB or 114 dB
Frequency: 250 Hz or 1 kHz
ANSI: S1.40
IEC: 60942 class 1


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