01. VMI Vibration Monitoring- VIBER M2™


Vibration monitoring VIBER M2™

VMI VIBER M2™ is a machine guard that with 1 or 2 Channel. The VIBER M2 is designed for standalone guard, but it can send information into a programmable controller or to the monitoring system. Besides, the machine would be stopped or an alarm will be given when the vibration indicates failure occur. 

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More details

VMI VIBER M2™ reliable and easy to use machine protector unit. Its design is suitable for many applications. Moreover, the VIBER M2 can send machine vibration information as well as transducer and cable condition to a PLC or another receiver.


Each Channel has three measuring ranges, two independent alarm levels with manual or auto reset, two selectable frequency ranges, current output proportional to the vibration level 4-20mA, suitable for connection to a PLC, Monitoring of transducer and cable failure, analysis signal on BNC and terminal output. 



The transducer signal of VIBER M2 is compensated in the input amplifier to correct signal level and selected frequency range. This signal in available at the front panel BNC connector and on terminal for further analysis.

 S&V Samford

The vibration measured in velocity. The signal can be amplified in 3 selectable range 0-10, 0-20 and 0-100 mm/s. Other ranges are optional upon order of the product.


A LED lamp will light up when the pre set signal levels are reached. When the levels stay higher during the selected delay time (0-30s) the relay is activated. The alarm status can be manually or automatically reset.


The signal level will be converted to a corresponding output between 4-20mA. This signal is allowed to connect to other instruments or data logger. However, When the transducer or cable failure, the current output will be disabled. 

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