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S&V May 2017 Newsletter


Special Event   特别活动

The Next Generation “Hi-Res” Headphone Testing (R&D) & New G.R.A.S. Production Line Headphones Test System (Including Bluetooth) 

新一代高解析耳機聲學測試方法(包括藍牙連接方法)RD)和G.R.A.S. 生产线耳机测试系统(含蓝芽)耳机研讨会


Monthly Frature Products



- 45CC Headphone Text Fixture 

   耳机测试夹具  45CC 

- 1/8” CCP Pressure Standard Microphone


- 44AA Mouth Simulator


- 43AG Ear and Cheek Simulator 



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  • 02.Headphone Production Line Test
    02.Headphone Production Line Test

    The 45CC Headphone Test Fixture is for dual-channel testing of headphones and headsets, and it is built on our vast experience in the field. With a focus on multiple configuration options and accurate and repeatable test results, the test fixture can easily be adapted to many different headphone/headset designs and sizes. 45CC耳机测试夹具用于耳机的双通道测试。 45CC 45CC   Production Line Test Fixture Leaflet

  • 04. KEMAR Head & Torso Simulator
    05. Head and Torso Simulator

    Head and Torso Simulator - G.R.A.S 45bb KEMAR Head & Torso Simulator(人头及躯干模拟器) :   s&V 人头及躯干模拟器  is a configurable acoustic research tool that simulates the changes that occur to sound waves as they pass a human head and torso. Its equivalent with mouth simulator is G.R.A.S. 45BC KEMAR Head & Torso, non-configured S&V Samford Instruments Ltd.    More details: G.R.A.S _KEMAR

  • 10. Mouth Simulator
    17. 44AA Mouth Simulator

    GRAS 44AA Mouth Simulator  GRAS 44AA 仿真嘴

  • 15. Ear Simulator - 43AG
    19. Ear & Cheek Simulator - 43AG

    The GRAS 43AG Ear and Cheek Simulator is a unique, multi-faceted and multi-purpose tool that helps you accomplish the job in an effective and efficient manner. We call it the table-top KEMAR as it offers you much of the KEMAR capability in a convenient and portable packaging. GRAS GRAS 43AG 耳廓及面颊模拟器是一款独特、多面、多用途的工具,可帮助您以有效和高效的方式完成工作。 我们将其称为桌面式KEMAR,因为它以便携的包装为您提供了大部分KEMAR功能。

  • 16. Pinna with anthropometric concha and ear canal
    20. Pinna with anthropometric concha and ear canal

    KB5000 is a right pinna with anthropometric concha and ear canal for KEMAR. It is made of soft silicone, 35 Shore OO hardness. GRAS KB5000是用于KEMAR的一款带有人体测量的仿真外耳和仿真耳道的右边仿真耳廓。 它由柔软的硅树脂制成,属于35 Shore OO硬度类別。