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Connection Technology Center, Inc.(CTC)–offers a complete line of industrial accelerometers that withstand temperatures in the range of -58° to 325° F, (-50° to 162° C).  Our ruggedized industrial accelerometers are available in both top and side exit configuration.  --- CTC...

CTC offers a High Temperature Accelerometer capable of operating in industrial environments with temperatures up to 650° F (343° C). S&V Samford Istruments LTD More Details: CTC Accelerometer

CTC offers a variety of cable and connector offerings for both permanent and portable field applications. CTC’s permanent mount cable options are available with cable jacketing of polyurethane, Teflon, stainless steel armor protected and stainless-steel braided armor. S&V Samford Instrument Ltd More Details: CTC Cable & Connectors

CTC offers a wide variety of junction box solutions to allow monitoring of remotely mounted vibration sensors, which otherwise would be restricted to human access due to safety considerations.   CTC- Junction Boxes More Details: CTC Junction Box

CTC offers a variety of adhesive and stud mounted sensor mounting pads. These are available with magnet pad options for portable field applications which include both the flat and two rail mounting options.   S&V Samford Instruments LTD More Details: CTC Mounting Hardware

CTC offers a variety of OEM replacement data collector cables and portable cable options for all major vibration analyzer manufacturers. Data collector cables and data collector adapters are available in both coiled and straight cable options. ---

CTC offers a wide array of 4-20 mA output solutions for industrial applications. CTC’s standard loop powered vibration sensors are available with velocity as well as acceleration output measurements options.   S&V Samford Instruments LTD.  More Details : 4 to 20mA Velocity Sensors 

CTC offers a complete line of proximity probes systems designed and built to endure the toughest industrial environments. Proximity probes systems are offered with probe tip sizes in 5mm, 8mm, 11mm and 25mm diameters. ----- S&V Samford Instruments LTD.  More Details : Proximity Probes 

CTC’s PRO line offers a variety of products for hazardous/intrinsically rated areas Class 1 Division 1, Class 1 Division 2, ATEX Zone 0, ATEX Zone 1, ATEX Zone 2 and IECEx including both the top and side exit sensor case design.  S&V Samford Instruments LTD. 

CTC offers a variety of Hazardous area sensors for rated areas Class 1 Division 1, Class 1 Division 2, ATEX Zone 0, ATEX Zone 1, ATEX Zone 2 and IECEx including both the top and side exit sensor case designs. ------------

CTC’s Signal Conditioner Enclosures are turnkey solutions coming fully populated with signal conditioners, power supply, and terminal blocks for sensor terminations.  The signal conditioners are available pre-configured based on the customer’s specific requirements.   s&v Samford Instruments LtD. 

General purpose accelerometer designed for use on a wide variety of machine types with its broad frequency response of 0.5 to 10 kHz (+/- 3dB), 50g range, and mounted resonance of 13 kHz. More Details : Metrix Sensors

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