08. Audio Electronics Measurements

To conduct the Audio Electronics Measurements, the SoundCheck system, the AudioConnect 4×4 and also the PIO-9216 Digital Audio Data Interface are needed.  SoundCheck Measurements:  Frequency response, Phase, Crosstalk, THD+N, Sigal-to-noise ratio. 

Audio Electronics Measurements

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要进行音频电子测量,需要SoundCheck系统,AudioConnect 4×4以及PIO-9216数字音频数据接口。 SoundCheck测量:频率响应、相位、串扰、总谐波失真加上雜訊、信噪比。


SoundCheck is powerful, flexible and accurate for rapid characterization of products such as preamplifiers and amplifiers, surround sound, mixing boards, PC audio and MP3 players which included Frequency response,  Phase, Crosstalk, THD+N and  Signal-to-noise ratio.



SoundCheck is the ideal tool for audio electronics testing because it offers unlimited test development flexibility yet it is quick and easy to develop tests. Features include:


- Accurate measurements – 118dB dynamic range and amplitude ± 0.008dB.

- 精确测量 -  118dB动态范围和幅度±0.008dB
- Both analog and digital measurements.

- 模拟和数字测量。
- Multi-channel – up to 64 channels of simultaneous acquisition

- 多通道 - 最多64个通道同时采集

- Fast – measures up to 16 channels in 2 seconds using multitone stimulus

- 快速 - 使用多音刺激在2秒内测量多达16个通道
- Unlimited test flexibility – SoundCheck is so flexible that any test that you can conceive can be implemented.Simple point and click sequence development enables complex tests to be developed with no need for programming.

- 无限制的测试灵活性 -  SoundCheck非常灵活,可以实现您可以设想的任何测试。简单的点击序列开发可以开发复杂的测试而无需编程。

-  Virtual instruments – a virtual real time analyzer, multimeter, signal generator, spectrum analyzer and oscilloscope offer the same functionality within the SoundCheck software as their conventional hardware counterparts.

- 虚拟仪器 - 虚拟实时分析仪,万用表,信号发生器,频谱分析仪和示波器在SoundCheck软件中提供与传统硬件相同的功能。
-  Advanced stimulus, analysis, post-processing and even statistical options allow you to not only make all the measurements you need but also calculate any parameters arising from these without leaving the system.

 - 高级激励、分析、后处理甚至统计选项使您不仅可以进行所需的所有测量,还可以在不离开系统的情况下计算由此产生的任何参数。

-  Sophisticated report writing functionality enables comprehensive reports to be automatically generated, ensuring consistency and saving time.

- 先进的报告编写功能可以自动生成综合报告,确保一致性并节省时间。


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