27. High Resolution Ear Simulator

Reliable measurements of headphones and earphones up to 20 kHz 

高分辨率耳模拟器可靠测量高达20 kHz的耳机和耳机

 -Improved repeatability above 10 kHz 提高10 kHz以上的可重复性


 -Measurements below and above 10 kHz both in the same measurement setup 在相同的测量设置中测量低于和高于10 kHz的值


 -The dampened resonance means better distortion measurements, even from as low as 3-5 kHz 

阻尼共振意味着更好的失真测量,即使是低至3-5 kHz.

More details

The new High Resolution Ear Simulator is designed specifically to meet the need for reliable and repeatable measurements of personal audio devices at high frequencies up to 20 kHz.
新型高分辨率耳模拟器专为满足高达20 kHz的高频率的个人音频设备的可靠性和可重复测量需求而设计。

The standardized IEC 60318-4 ear simulator is a good tool for ear simulation up to 10 kHz. However, its high Q resonance makes it unsuitable for analyzing high resolution audio performance.

标准化的IEC 60318-4耳模拟器是高达10 kHz耳模拟的好工具。 然而,其高Q谐振使其不适合分析高分辨率音频性能。


The new High Resolution Ear Simulator mitigates this limitation. The resonance is dampened by approximately 14 dB and the damping does not change with varying lengths of the ear canal caused by changes in placement of the Device Under Test (DUT).

新的高分辨率耳模拟器减轻了这一限制。 共振衰减约14 dB,并且阻尼不会随着被测设备(DUT)的位置变化引起的耳道长度的变化而变化。


Therefore both frequency response and distortion measurements up to 20 kHz can now be made with confidence and full backwards compatibility to historical measurements.

因此,现在可以放心地进行频率响应和高达20 kHz的失真测量,并完全向后兼容历史测量。


Key Benefits


-From 10 to 20 kHz the response (响应) is within ± 2.2 dB

-The 13.5 kHz resonance dampened(谐振衰减) by approximately 14 dB

-Upgraded 升级了的 IEC 60318-4 ear simulator - same form factor

-Full backwards compatible with standard IEC 60318-4 (711) ear simulator 完全向后兼容标准IEC 60318-4(711)耳模拟器

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