07. Hearing Aid Measurements

The Hearing Aid Measurements need to conduct with the following software (助听器测量需要使用以下软件和硬件进行) and hardware, SoundCheck (Optional Software Modules: 2008: Attack and Release2005 Real-time Analyzer (1/1, 1/3, 1/6, 1/12, & 1/24 octave,2013: WAV File Equalization) , the AmpConnect ISC  and also the  DC Connect       

---Hearing Aid Measurements

More Details: Hearing Aid Measurements

More details

Sound and Vibration


SoundCheck is a complete system for complete characterization of analog and digital hearing aids and assistive hearing devices from the R&D lab to the production line. It measures parameters including gain and frequency response, directional response, OSPL, equivalent input noise, attack and release, and more.

SoundCheck是一个完整的系统,用于完整表征从研发实验室到生产线的模拟和数字助听器以及辅助听力设备。 它测量的参数包括增益和频率响应,方向响应,OSPL,等效输入噪声,攻击和释放等。



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