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Finding a compact, battery-operated and lightweight’s handheld speedometer? EC-2100 can fulfill your desires. It is a compact, battery-operated and lightweight machine that using in elevators adjustment maintenance and inspection.   ELEVATOR SPEEDOMETER More Details: Elevator Speedometer

The HT-4200 is a compact, non-contact type handheld digital tachometer. Affix one of the reflective marks to the rotating surface of the target measurement object, and then aim the red visible ray at the mark.  non-contact type handheld digital tachometer3 More Details: HT-4200  

The Advanced Handheld Tachometer -HT 7200 Tachometer  This is an easy-to-use handheld digital tachometer offering high functions and performance. The use of FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) technology enables the FT-7200 to perform frequency analysis of rotation speed by using change of signal in sound, vibration or magnetic flux from...

The RH series makes torque measurement range wider beyond expectation. As the shift to electrification of various products, the development of quieter and higher quality motors has been required. The RH series can accurately detect torque fluctuations with high rigidity, and supports high-speed rotation.

MD Series Torque Detector  Micro Capacity Type The MD series torque detector is designed to measure the torque output from compact & precision type motors used in the electric & electronics industry, the automotive industries and so on, featuring outstanding low inertia and low starting torque. 

TS-8700 Torque Station Pro is torque measurement system for motor basic property with high precision and high response. Using with the motor torque detector MT series which includes the high accuracy and high response type TH series torque detector, up to 5.12 kHz sampling, ±0.1% of accuracy are achieved.

High-performance motors including ultra-precision motors are used in various fields. Many different types of motors are used in versatile applications, such as ultra-high-speed motors used in home appliances, low-speed motors used in OA equipment and AV equipment, and ultrasonic motors.

 SS Series Torque Detector  Small / medium Capacity Type Onosokki  This ONOSOKKI’s SS Series provide wide variety of torque measurement applications. TH-3000 series is a torque detector designed for very low torque (less than 2 N· m) with high response and high accuracy. T--  More Details : Torque Detector  More Details: TH-3000

DD Series Torque Detector The DD series torque detector is the high-end equipment to use in high speed measurement and large capacity measurement. Double bearings provides three to five times the strength of our conventional torque detector under radial and thrust load,which enables direct coupling to automobile engines &saves the space as it makes...

The TH-1000 series torque detectors employ a new magnetic phase difference method with improving functionality while maintaining the advantages of Ono Sokki's conventional torque detectors. 

TH-3000/3000H Series Micro capacity type high-sped rotation torque detector ------- TH-3000 series is a torque detector designed for very low torque (less than 2 N· m) with high response and high accuracy. Two types are available depending on your applications.

Flange type High-stiffness Torque DetectorTQ-3507 Capturing minute fluctuations accurately  ------

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