09. Wireless Devices Measurements

The Wireless Devices Measurements need to conduct with the SoundCheck system, the AmpConnect ISC, the  SCM Microphone  and the -BTC-4148 Bluetooth Interface

无线设备测量需要使用SoundCheck系统、AmpConnect ISC、SCM麦克风和-BTC-4148蓝牙接口进行。


More Details: Wireless Devices Measurement

More details

S&V Samford Instruments LTD  Wireless Devices Measurements

SoundCheck can carry out the same range of measurements on wireless devices as it can on their hard-wired counterparts, measuring many parameters including frequency response, phase, distortion and more.SoundCheck可以在无线设备上执行与硬连线相同的测量范围,测量许多参数,包括频率响应、相位、失真等。

--Wireless Devices Measurements

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