17. Audio Test Amplifier- SCAmp

The world’s only dedicated audio test amplifier


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SCAmp is the world’s only dedicated audio test amplifier. Specifically designed for the making audio measurements, it incorporates several features unique to the needs of loudspeaker testing, and unnecessary features found in regular audio amplifiers have been eliminated to keep production line operation simple and error-proof.

SC Amp是一款专门为音频测试而设计的功率放大器,坚固并易于使用。它是一款单声道的功率放大器,具有低失真(THD <0.025%)和低本底噪音(>100dB)。固定的增益设计降低了校准误差,没有增益旋钮,避免了在使用当中被误碰或扭动,它还支持其他的应用,如施加直流偏置电压到不利条件下测试传感器所需的交流信号上去。超载/输出保护防止了因短路或过载导致的损坏。



Rugged and easy to use, SCAmp is a mono amplifier with low distortion (THD <0.025%) and a low noise floor (>100dB). Fixed gain eliminates calibration errors as there is no gain knob to be accidentally knocked or tweaked whenit is in use. It supports the application of a DC voltage offset to the AC signal for testing transducers under adverse conditions. Overload/output protection prevents damage due to shorting or overload. SC Amp’s integrated impedance measurement uses Listen’s unique patented (U.S. Pat. 9,386,387) high accuracy single channel impedance measurement method to offer dual channel accuracy using just a single channel, meaning that full electrical and audio tests can be carried out using just 2 channels. SC Amp integrates seamlessly with Listen’s SoundCheck audio test and measurement software and will also work well with other brands of test system.

SCAmp坚固耐用,易于使用,是一种低失真(THD <0.025%)和低本底噪声(> 100dB)的单声道放大器。固定增益消除了校准错误。 它支持在交流信号上施加直流电压偏移,以便在不利条件下测试传感器。 过载/输出保护可防止因短路或过载造成的损坏。SC Amp集成的阻抗测量采用了Listen独有的正在申请专利的高精度单通道阻抗测量方法,只需单声道就可以提供双通道的精确度,这意味着只需两个通道就可以进行全面的电气和音频测试。SC Amp和Listen的SoundCheck音频测试测量软件配合得天衣无缝,亦适用于其他品牌的测试系统。



The rugged 2-unit high enclosure can be mounted in a 19” rack. The front panel contains only an on/off switch and LEDs to indicate power on, level, and DC offset. This simple front panel keeps operation easy and error-proof as there is no possibility of knobs or buttons being accidentally changed. The rear panel features a current monitor output for impedance measurement (thus eliminating the need for a separate impedance box), a DC input with on/off switch, and a ground lift to isolate the amplifier from the input signal ground to eliminate ground loops. SC Amp can accept balanced or single ended audio inputs from the audio interface.

SC Amp具有坚固的2U外壳, 可安装在19英寸机架上。 前面板只包含了一个开关和电源,电平及直流偏移LED指示灯。 由于没有了旋钮或按钮被意外地改变的可能性,这种简单的前面板设计使得操作方便并防错。背板设有一个电流监测器的输出以实现阻抗测量(因此不再需要一个独立的阻抗盒),有一个DC输入开关,以及一个接地端用于隔离放大器和输入信号接地以消除地线回路. SC Amp可以接受來自声卡平衡或单端接地音频输入



  • Rugged and rack mountable (坚固的机架式)
  • Simple to use (简单易用)
  • Fixed gain eliminates calibration errors  (固定增益消除了校准误差)
  • Low distortion and low noise floor  (低失真,低本底噪音)
  • Supports the application of a DC voltage offset  (支持直流电压偏移的应用)
  • Integrated impedance measurement (集成的阻抗测量)

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