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Condensation Particle Counter (CPC) Model 5403 The only mobile high-accuracy counter for nanoparticles

INNOVA 1512 Highly Accurate, Stable, Quantitative, and Remotely Controllable Gas Monitoring System More details  --

CAI offers three analyzer models that utilize chemiluminescence technology for analyzing NO, NOx and NO2 concentrations within a gas sample. S&V Samford

The flue gas ananlyzer anapol EU-5000 E is an electronical measurement device which was especially conceived for the monitoring and optimal adjustment of industry furnaces and for gasoline and diesel engines.  S&V Samford Instrument Ltd. More Details...

 ICP low Noise-Seismometer-  for Vibration Monitoring according to DIN 45669  ICP低噪声地震计 - 用于振动监测,符合DIN 45669标准 SINUS 低噪声地震计 Which is available for Civil Engineering, Construction Site Monitoring, Building Monitoring, Bridge Monitoring, Explosion Detection, Tunnel and Dam Monitoring, Earthquake Detection and VC-criteria om nanotechnology facilities. 

CAI offers two dedicated analyzer models to measure Oxygen in a sample. The 600P uses paramagnetic technology and the 600F uses a fuel cell method to determine the percentage level of oxygen contained in a gas sample.

CAI FID analyzers rely on the Flame Ionization Detection principle to measure the total concentration of hydrocarbons in a gas sample.

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