06. Microphone Measurements

Listen can help you to conduct the Microphone Measurement with its products, which included the SoundCheck system, the All-in-one Audio Interface - AmpConnect ISC, The  SCM MicrophoneMouth Simulator and also the DCC-1448 MEMS interface.

Listen可以帮助您使用其产品进行麦克风测量,包括SoundCheck系统,一体化音频接口 -  AmpConnect ISC釜、SCM麦克风、口模拟器以及DCC-1448 MEMS接口。


More Details: Microphone Measurements 

More details

Sound and Vibration 


SoundCheck is a complete system for testing and measuring Microphones from the R&D lab to the production line. It measures many microphone parameters including frequency response, phase, directional characteristics, self-noise, IM distortion and more.

SoundCheck是一个完整的系统,用于测试和测量从研发实验室到生产线的麦克风。 它测量许多麦克风参数,包括频率响应、相位、方向特性、自噪声、IM失真等。


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