18. Ear Simulator

GRAS 43AA Ear Simulator

GRAS 43AA 耳模拟器

More Details: G.R.A.S Ear Simulator

More details

Specification (规格):

-  Connection: 200 V/LEMO

-  Volume: Complex

-  Dyn range : 25 dB(A) to 164 dB

-  ANSI: S3.7

-  IEC rec.: 60318-1 & - 2

S&V Samford Instruments Ltd. 

G.R.A.S. 43AA Ear Simulator Kit:

-  IEC 318 G.R.A.S. RA0039 Ear Simulator     IEC 318 GRAS RA0039 耳模拟器

-  GRAS 40AG ½" Pressure Microphone          GRAS 40AG½寸压力麦克风

-  G.R.A.S. 26AC ¼" Preamplifier                   GRAS 26AC¼寸前置放大器

-  G.R.A.S. RA0052 Test Jig                            GRAS RA0052测试夹具


Mounting plates for circum-aural and supra-aural headphones

The Test Jig has an adjustable spring-loaded arm to exert a variable force on the test object.



S&V Samford Instruments Ltd. 

S&V Samford Instruments Ltd. 

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