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SVANTEK is a Polish company established in 1990. They design and manufacture professional instrumentation for sound & vibration measurement and analysis. 


SVANTEK instruments are well known around the globe for their accuracy and reliability. But it is continuous usage of the latest technological achievements that makes us the leading innovative sound & vibration manufacturer.


Every sound or vibration instrument offered by Svantek can be delivered with an ISO / IEC 17025 calibration certificate.


Whole-Body Seat Accelerometer SV 38 /  SV38V 全身座椅加速度计 SV 38 / SV38V svantek It is dedicated for Human Vibration measurements performed according to ISO 2631-1  with SVAN 958A four channel analyser. 它专门用于根据ISO 2631-1和SVAN 958A四通道分析仪进行的人体振动测量。 Svantek More Details: Svantek Whole-Body Seat Accelerometer SV38/ SV38V

The new SV100A is a wireless whole-body vibration exposure meter suitable in accordance with ISO 2631-1. 新型SV100A是一款符合ISO 2631-1标准的无线全身式振动测量仪。 svantek More Details: Wireless whole-Body Vibration Dosimeter SV100A

Class 1 4-channel Sound & Vibration Analyser   1精度4通道声振分析仪 Svantek SVAN 958A Class 1 4-channel Sound & Vibration Analyser is dedicated for all applications that require simultaneous class 1 sound and vibration assessment.  1精度 4通道声振分析仪专用于需同时进行1精度的不同声音和振动评估的应用。 More Details: 4-Channel Sound and Vibration Analyzer

Six-channel Human Vibration Meter and Analyser  六通道人体振动计和分析仪 Svantek SV 106 meets requirements of ISO 8041:2005 standard and it is an ideal choice for measurements according to ISO 2631-1,2&5, ISO 5349 and directive 2002/44/EC of European Parliament.  svantek More Details: Six-channel Human Vibration Meter and Analyser 

Class 1 Sound & Vibration Analyzer  1 精度声音和振动分析仪 The SVAN 979 It is Svantek flagship device.You will be amazed by its OLED display which is featured with excellent visibility in all light conditions.  这是Svantek的旗舰产品。您会惊讶于它的OLED显示屏,它在所有光线条件下都具有出色的可视性。 svantek More Details: Class 1 Sound & Vibration Analyzer 

New ! Sound & Vibration Analyzer - SVAN 977A SVANTEK The SVAN 977A is a successor of SVAN 977 offering bigger memory 8 GB and the Bluetooth® interface as a software option that can be enabled at any time.  The meter provides broad-band results such as Leq, Max, Min and Peak with all standard weighting filters together with an incredible...

NEW ! Sound & Vibration Analyzer WELMEC - SVAN 977W  SVANTEK  SVAN 977W is a first Svantek's Class 1 Sound & Vibration Level Meter that has been type approved in accordance with WELMEC requirements in Spain. The analyser is designed to meet the needs of both environmental monitoring and occupational health and safety monitoring...

SV 103 Personal Human Vibration Exposure meter is dedicated to hand-arm vibration measurements. The instrument meets ISO 8041:2005 and is the ideal choice for making measurements according to ISO 5349 and European Directive 2002/44/EC. --- SV 103 Personal Human Vibration Exposure meter专用于手臂振动测量。 该仪器符合ISO 8041:2005标准,是根据ISO 5349和欧洲指令2002/44 / EC进行测量的理想选择。

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