12. HALT- Highly Accelerated Lifetime Tests

HALT- the G.R.A.S. quality mark for your Data Safety

HALT refers to the Highly Accelerated Lifetime Tests, which is also the quality mark of G.R.A.S. The HALT test of  G.R.A.S. is created to confirm their microphones can perform under a real life situations. 

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More Details: HALT

More details

HALT - The Quality mark of G.R.A.S. for your Data Safety

G.R.A.S. is well known from providing the world class measurement microphones with plenty of reasons. G.R.A.S. created the testing standard , HALT, to make sure their microphones can perform well under the real-life situations. 

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Your Data Safety 

G.R.A.S. make sure you can get the best results every time. You will minimize the down time of your production with G.R.A.S. microphones. G.R.A.S. microphones being put through HALT to guarantee a  that you can have a reliable repeatability in the end minimize the need to replacemet. 

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HALT tested measurement microphones

HALT cpmsots of four different types of stress tests: 

First, the Temperature stress test at constant and cclic temperatures. Second, the Humidity stress test.  Third, the Vibration stress test. And the fouth one, Mechanical impulse stress test involvong shock and drop.

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The HALT video 

You can understand more about HALT through the following Video


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