35. Microphone & Amp - 1/2-inch Microphone Preamplifier

1/2-inch Microphone Preamplifier



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MI-3170 is a preamplifier for 1/2-inch back-electret type condenser microphone, it can be used in combination with a microphone such as MI-1281/MI-1271. Adopting the CCLD method and BNC connector, various types of CCLD accepted amplifier, analyzer and data recorder can be connected directly. When combined with MI-1281 high sensitivity microphone, it enables to measure minute sounds since it achieves high sensitivity and low noise characteristics with -20 dB re.1V / Pa of sensitivity, 8 dB of self-noise level (A-weighting). It covers the measurement range of ultra low frequency of 1Hz and can be used in wide operating temperature range (-30 to +80℃) when combined with MI-1271 high-performance microphone.




MI-3111 is a preamplifier for 1/2-inch back-electret type condenser microphone. It is CCLD and BNC connector type.

It is a general preamplfier used with the MI-1235/ MI-1433 microphone.



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