List of products by manufacturer TEAC

Enterprise Summary

TEAC' products cover both Audio Products Business and Information Products. 

The Information Products Business included Recording and reproducing equipment for aircrafts ,Medical image recording and reproducing products ,Measurement products (Transducers, Data recorders) ,Solutions business ,Supporting Systems for individual nursing care  and 
Optical drives for industrial market

For the Audio Products Business which includes High-end audio products ,General audio products Audio equipment for Music production & Professional audio products


Wideband Data Recorder WX-7000 provides processes to measure data in various fields . 宽带数据记录器WX-7000提供了测量各个领域数据的过程 TEAC More Details : Wideband Data Recorder WX-7000 series 

Pursuit of "Usability" and "Speed"  追求“可用性”和“速度” TEAC More Detail: Recording Unit LX-100 series

Video NV Recorder VR-24  Noise , Vibration, Video, CAN,GPS and Pulse Record all the various signals to one recorder.   --- Video NV录像机VR-24 噪声、振动、视频、CAN、GPS和脉冲将所有各种信号记录到一台录像机。 TEAC More Details : VR-24 

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