12. Bluetooth Measurement Interfaces for R&D and Production Line

The Bluetooth Measurement Interface , BTC-4149 and  BQC 4149

用于研发和生产线上的蓝牙测量接口,BTC-4149 和 BQC 4149

More Details: Bluetooth Measurement Interface

More details

Listen offers 2 Bluetooth interfaces from Portland Tool & Die, the laboratory-grade BTC-4149 and the low cost BQC-4149 for production line use. These are ideal for measuring and characterizing Bluetooth audio devices including handsets, headsets, speakers, car kits and other devices with Bluetooth audio input or output.

Listen供应Portland Tool & Die生产的两款蓝牙接口,分别是实验室级别的BTC-4148和用于生产线上的低成本的BQC-4148。它们适用于测量蓝牙音频设备,包括手机,耳机,扬声器,车载套件和其它具备蓝牙音频输入输出的设备。


The BTC-4149 and BQC-4149 interface your Bluetooth device to the SoundCheck test system offering full control over all Bluetooth protocol settings and explicit control over the CODEC choice, and transmitter power. This enables devices to be specifically tested under the conditions that they need to operate, and enables comparison of characteristics such as frequency response using different compression algorithms or sample rates.

BTC-4149和BQC-4149将您的蓝牙设备连接到SoundCheck测试系统,您可以完全控制所有蓝牙协议设置,并明确控制CODEC选择和发射机功率。 这使得仪器能够在它们需要操作的条件下进行专门测试,并且能够使用不同的压缩算法或采样率来比较诸如频率响应之类的特性。


BTC-4149 Research Grade Bluetooth Measurement Interface



The BTC-4149 measures both Bluetooth sink devices (e.g. headsets, speakers and car kits) and Bluetooth source devices (e.g. phones and dongles), offering a comprehensive range of features for R&D users. These include:

BTC-4149可测量蓝牙接收设备(例如耳机、扬声器和车载套件)和蓝牙源设备(例如电话和加密狗),为研发用户提供全面的功能。 这些包括:


- Bluetooth 3.0 compliant RF interface

- Comprehensive suite of codecs, protocols and other parameters including:



A2DP: SBC and aptX,  aptX HD and aptX low latency codecs

A2DP:SBC和aptX,aptX HD和aptX低延迟编解码器
Hands Free Protocol (HFP) and Headset Protocol (HSP): CVSD and mSBC codecs

免手持装置规范 (HFP) 和 藍牙耳機規範(HSP):CVSD 和 mSBC编解码器

- Full control over bluetooth protocol settings, codec choice and transmitter power

- Control via color touch-screen panel on the front of the instrument, or directly via SoundCheck

- Pairing via inquiry/discovery or directly by device address

- The host interfaces via USB for both audio and control data and a parallel SPDIF interface for audio data. Audio is always transported in the digital domain to maximize measurement fidelity.

- 主机通过USB接口用于音频控制数据,以及用于音频数据的并行SPDIF接口。音频总是在数字域中传输,并以最大化测量准确度。

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