15. All-in-one Audio Interface -AmpConnect ISC

AmpConnect ISC is an all-in-one audio interface that simplifies your test setup and operation

一体化音频接口-AmpConnect ISC AmpConnect ISC是一体化音频接口,可简化您的测试设置和操作

AmpConnect ISC

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AmpConnect ISC is a complete, self-contained audio measurement interface which provides a complete solution for measuring speakers, headphones and microphones. Replacing multiple hardware devices, AmpConnect ISC connects to your computer via a single USB cable and is fully integrated with SoundCheck. The initial setup is fully automated; SoundCheck automatically detects when an AmpConnect ISC is connected and reads the factory programmed calibration data – no user intervention is required.

AmpConnect ISC是一款多功能一体机,可简化了你的测试安装和操作。它是一个单一的,坚固的、机架式硬件,包含一个高精度音频接口、阻抗盒、功放、耳机放大器、2个麦克风电源和数字I / O。它替代了多个硬件设备,通过USB线连接到你的电脑,并通过SoundCheck完全操控。这样简化了安装和校准,不用布线并减少了连接错误,降低了整体系统成本。



In addition to the audio interface, AmpConnect ISC also provides microphone power, drives speakers and headphones, and includes impedance measurement circuits. Further features include automated control of signal routing, input gain and instrument configuration. Especially useful is complete integration peak level detection and automatic input gain control. When used with SoundCheck the input gain is automatically optimized for every acquisition.

跟SoundCheck软件配合使用(某些应用需要一个麦克风,口模拟器或耳模拟器),AmpConnect ISC是你所需唯一硬件来实现一个完整的音频测试系统来测量频率响应,灵敏度,失真度,阻抗及更多。



AmpConnect’s simple setup and compact package make it ideal for production line applications. The digital I/O ports can be used for communicating with relay boards, lighted pass/fail indicators, footswitches and other devices. The front panel can be disabled, locked out, and the instrument controlled exclusively via SoundCheck to ensure that the hardware is always configured correctly. Furthermore, automated output signal routing and dual microphone inputs allows AmpConnect to be configured to alternate between two test stations, maximizing throughput.It also offers excellent functionality for the R&D lab. The two independently configurable signal routing options enable virtually any test to be realized – for example they can be used for measuring impedance using the internal reference loads (and Listen’s patent-pending high accuracy single channel impedance measurement method), connecting the output of the power amp back to the soundcard for calibration, or sending reference or DUT signals to the outputs.



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