11. Noise Check System

NoiseCheck is essentially SoundCheck without a stimulus editor, as it is designed for manufacturing the noise made by your product. It is a powerful piece of software, ideal for both R&D and production line acoustic measurements of fans, blowers, motors, gears, bearings, pumps and other electromechanical products.


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-- Noise Check System

NoiseCheck本质上是没有激励编辑器的SoundCheck,因为它专为制造产品产生的噪声而设计。 它是一款功能强大的软件,非常适用于风扇、鼓风机、电机、齿轮、轴承、泵和其他机电产品的研发和生产线声学测量。


Noise characteristics are an important part of the design of many products. NoiseCheck is an extremely flexible R&D test platform as its detailed results can be analyzed in many different ways and easily stored for further analyses.

噪声特性是许多产品设计的重要组成部分。 NoiseCheck是一个极其灵活的研发测试平台,因为其详细结果可以通过多种不同方式进行分析,并可轻松存储以供进一步分析。

---  Noise Check System

Noise Check 's Associated Hardware included ,Listen SCM Microphone, Listen SoundConnect or AmpConnect and  Listen DC Connect. 

包括噪音检查的相关硬件,SCM麦克风、SoundConnect 或 AmpConnect 以及 DC Connect.


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