05. RFB-2000 Radiation Force Balance

The RFB-2000 is a special design for facilitating an easier way to measure the ultrasound power on medical devices. RFB-2000 needs less maintenance and no complex correction factors. It compliant with regulatory numbers of requirements, such as AIUM-NEMA UD-2, UD-3, IEC61161, and also associated with IEC standards.

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Designed specifically for easy Ultrasound Power measurements on medical devices, the RFB-2000 requires little maintenance and no complex correction factors, and is compliant with regulatory requirements including AIUM-NEMA UD-2, UD-3, IEC 61161, and with associated IEC standards. Automation assures reliable means to validate Acoustic Output measurements as recommended by AIUM-NEMA document UD-2.

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Key Features and Benefits

- Calibrated total acoustic power measurements traceable to national laboratory.

- Easy-to-use software with transparent top-loading configuration

- Insensitive to water level and auto-correction to temperature.

- Wide range of power levels for diagnostic, physiotherapy, and HIFU applications

-Flexible software to support Engineering and Production environments



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- Power ranges: 

  1 mW* to 2W with standard absorbing target
  Up to 20W with cone target kit (RFB-CTK)
  Up to 100W† with brush target (RFB-BTK)

- MDisplay Resolution: > 4 digits

- Typical measurement uncertainty*: < ± 5% at 95% confidence level

- Measurement cycle time: adjustable from 4s (default) to 120 s 

- Maximum beam diameter: 5 cm

- Low Frequency Limit: 1MHz* 


* Usable at lower frequency with decreased accuracy


RFB 2000 Troubleshooting Guide_small Video

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