02.Headphone Production Line Test

The 45CC Headphone Test Fixture is for dual-channel testing of headphones and headsets, and it is built on our vast experience in the field. With a focus on multiple configuration options and accurate and repeatable test results, the test fixture can easily be adapted to many different headphone/headset designs and sizes.



45CC Production Line Test Fixture Leaflet

More details

Main features

- Dual-channel testing(双通道测试)  of headphones and headsets 

- Multiple configuration options(多个配置选项): microphones or IEC 60318-1 ear simulators (仿真耳) with or without a mouth simulator(仿真嘴)

- Distance between ears adjustable from 130 to 170 mm

- Headband holder height adjustable from 75 to 135 mm

- Reproducible positioning of DUT using 45CC’s unique positioning guides

- High quality measurement microphones

- IEC 60318-1 ear simulators

- ITU-T Rec. P51 mouth simulator with built-in power amplifie (内置功率放大器)

- The microphones are mounted with snap fittings for easy calibration

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The Configurations

For your convenience, we have made 45CC available in 8 different pre-configurations. 



1/2" Microphones  (1/2 寸麦克风)

45CC-1 with Externally Polarized 1/2"  Microphones
45CC-2 with Prepolarized 1/2"  Microphones

G.R.A.S. 45CC Headphone Test Fixture configured with 1/2" externally polarized or prepolarized microphones is primarily intended as a tool for QC and PL testing of headphones. Except for the mounting of the ear plate assemblies, 45CC comes fully assembled and tested from the factory.


Ear Simulators and 1/2" Microphones ( 仿真耳及1/2寸麦克风)

45CC-3 with IEC 60318-1 Ear Simulators and Ext. Polarized  1/2" Microphones
45CC-4 with IEC 60318-1 Ear Simulators and Prepolarized 1/2" Microphones


Mouth Simulator and 1/2" Microphones (仿真嘴及1/2寸麦克风)

45CC-5 with Mouth Simulator and Ext. Polarized 1/2" Microphones
45CC-6 with Mouth Simulator and Prepolarized 1/2" Microphones


Mouth Simulator and Ear Simulators (仿真嘴及仿真耳)

45CC-7 with Mouth Simulator, IEC 60318-1 Ear Simulators and Ext. Polarized  1/2"  Microphones
45CC-8 with Mouth Simulator, IEC 60318-1 Ear Simulators and Prepolarized 1/2"Microphonesara


1/4" Microphones (1/4寸麦克风)

45CC-9 with Externally Polarized 1/4" Microphones
45CC-10 with Prepolarized 1/4" Microphones


Mouth Simulator and 1/4" Microphones (仿真嘴及1/4寸麦克风)

45CC-11 with Mouth Simulator and Ext. Polarized 1/4" Microphones
45CC-12 with Mouth Simulator and Prepolarized 1/4" Microphones


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