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1/2-inch Microphone/ Preamplifier

MI Series

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1/2 - inch back electrets-type microphone that is free sound field type, ,realizes high sensitivity, low noise and does not require bias power has been newly added.  Also, there are MI-1271 which has improved the environmental stability against temperature and humidity, MI-1235 which emphasizes on a wide frequency range and MI-1433 which realizes a similar environmental resistance at a low price. MI series microphone is used in combination with the preamplifier and the microphone. Since microphone and preamplifier are not built-in type, installation costs can be reduced in the event of a fault.


MI-1281/ MI-1271 / MI-1235 / MI-1433



MI-1281 is precision microphone that achieves -20 dB re.1V/Pa of sensitivity, 8 dB of self-noise level (A-weighting, when using MI-3170) although it is 1/2-inch back electrets type. It has a low noise floor that enables measurement of very low noise. In other words, it is efficient for measuring sound power level of noise-reduction home appliances and in semi-anechoic room, and for probing tiny but unpleasant sound source of electric vehicles.



MI-1271 is 1/2-inch back electrets type precision microphone which conforms to IEC 61094-4 Type WS2F(Measurement microphones- Part 4: Specifications for working standard microphones). By adapting laser welding fixation of titanium vibrating membrane, it realizes long-term stability. In addition, wide temperature/humidity range (-30 ℃ to +80℃/ 0 to
90% RH) and wide frequency range (1 Hz to 20 kHz) enable to meet wide variety of applications, such as measurement of environmental noise in high-temperature and humidity environment, measurement of sound with very low frequency (up to 20 Hz), and sound measurement during cold start tests of automobiles.



MI-1235 is best to be used as measurement and analysis for environmental noise, architectural acoustics, and radiated sound from electrical/mechanical instruments. And it has a wide frequency range of 10 Hz to 20 kHz.
It is precision microphone used with the MI-3111 microphone preamplifier.



MI-1433 is excellent for environmental noise measurement with frequency range of 20 Hz to 8 kHz. It is general microphone with low cost used with the MI-3111 microphone preamplifier.


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