04. Apollo PCIe- PCl Express Cards

ApolloTM  PCl Express Cards 

Quality and performance of Soundbookcombined with an idividual hardware configuration 

PCI measuring cards for your PC or as configurable customized PC solution

ApolloTM  PCIe- PCI Express Cards 

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ApolloTM  PCl Express Cards 

Effective solutions for multi-channel vibro-acoustic applications Included


svsamford Apollo PCl Express Cards 

Measure data acquisition and analysis, Customized measuring equipment, Test facilities for end-of-line testing, monitoring noise and vibrations, Condition monitoring on machines and Acoustic Camera.


svsamford Apollo PCl Express Cards 

With the Apollo PCI Express measuring cards we provide a means to realise individually composed high-precision vibro-acoustic measuring systems with a high number of Channels at a fair price. Highest dynamics and precision vibro-acoustic measuring systems with a high number of channels at a fair price. Highest dynamics and precision of the integrated AD converters as well as a frequency range from DC to 80 Hz guarantee a wide application scope. The Apollo PCI Express cards are ideal for

1). Acquisition and analysis of measured data

2). Customized vibro-acoustic measurement equipment

3). Test facilities for end-of-line testing

4). Monitoring noise and vibrations 

5). Condition monitoring on machines and equipment

6). Acoustic camera.


透过Apollo 的PCI Express测量卡,SINUS提供一种方法,以合理的价格实现具有大量通道的(由单独组成的)高精度振动声学测量系统 - 以合理价格提供具有大量通道的高动态和精确的振动声学测量系统。Apollo 的PCI Express测量卡集成了AD转换器的最高动态性和精度以及DC至80 Hz的频率范围保证了广泛的应用范围。 Apollo PCI Express卡非常适合于:







svsamford Apollo PCl Express Cards 

The PCle measuring cards can be integrated into any modern Windows PC with a vacant PCI Express slot. To extend the number of channels you may use any number of measuring cards in one PC and synchronize them for sample accuracy.

You can reduce data volume by individual adjusting the sampling rate of each channel (binary decimation).

PCle测量卡可以集成到任何带有空PCI Express插槽的现代Windows PC中。 要扩展通道数量,您可以在一台PC上使用任意数量的测量卡并同步它们以获得样品精度。


svsamford Apollo PCl Express Cards 

The Apollo_PCle measuring cards are fully compatible to the type-approved Soundbok_MK2 instrument.


svsamford Apollo PCl Express Cards 

SINUS universal software SAMURAI TM provides all functions required for the standard- confirming measurement and analysis of vibrations and sound in real time or during post processing. 

SINUS的通用软件- SAMURAITM 提供确认测量、分析振动和声音所需的所有标准功能,并可进行实时或后期处理。

 svsamford Apollo PCl Express Cards

For the application in machine diagnostics or the individual programming of the devices using our unified Windows device driver we offer the following alternative software solutions:


  1.        µREMUS for mechanical inspections, ( μREMUS, 用于机械检测)
  2.        SMT (SINUS Matlab Toolbox) for individual programing (用于个人编程的SMT - SINUS Matlab工具箱
  3.        LabView drive for individual programming.  (用于个人编程的LabView驱动器)

 svsamford Apollo PCl Express Cards

Base on the Apollo PCI Express measuring card portfolio combined with high-quality industrial PCs made in Germany we offer pre-assembled integrated solutions, which will be described in the following.

基于Apollo PCI Express测量卡产品组合以及德国制造的高品质工业PC,我们提供预组装的集成解决方案,将在下面进行描述。

 svsamford Apollo PCl Express Cards

All devices will be equipped with the Apollo PCI Express cards chosen by the customer and supplied by us as tested assembled system.

所有设备都将配备客户选择的Apollo PCI Express卡,并由我们提供经过测试的组装系统。

 svsamford Apollo PCl Express Cards

For all complete systems produced by us we offer a manufacturer’s warranty of 3 years and free software support for the first year. 


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