02. Automotive Measurement

Automotive  汽车测量 

Any car audio, any measurement  任何汽车音响,任何测量

SoundCheck offers simple, fast and accurate testing of vehicle audio quality, from individual speaker components to complete in-vehicle infotainment and telematics systems. 



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With interfaces to connect via Bluetooth, Lightning, USB and with individual MEMs devices, as well as analog connections, SoundCheck can handle the complexity and demands of testing in today’s vehicles.



Automotive Measurement Include 汽车测量包括: 

- Speaker/ system response                            扬声器/系统响应

- Speaker/ panel buzz, Squeak and rattle         扬声器/面板嗡嗡声,吱吱声和嘎嘎声

- Bluetooth audio performance                        蓝牙音频性能

- Head unit and Amplifier response & THD+N   主机和放大器响应和总谐波失真加噪声

- Microphone/ microphone array response        麦克风/麦克风阵列响应

- Active noise cancellation effectiveness           有效的噪音消除效果

- Spaial Rreproduction accuracy                       制造生产精度


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