07. New !! 147EB CCP X-Rugged Microphone Set

Microphone for wheelhouse brake noise testing


车轮腔制动噪声- GRAS 147EB CCP X-RUGGED 超级坚固型麦克风

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Silent brakes are important to car owners and noisy brakes quickly translate into costly after-sales service for the manufacturer. This is why brake noise testing is so important to auto manufacturers and sub-suppliers of brake components.

安静的制动系统对于车主来说是非常重要的, 嘈杂的制动器很快就会转化为制造商昂贵的售后服务成本。这就是制动噪声测试对于汽车制造商、 制动部件次级供应商如此重要的原因。


Testing of brakes is not complete without comprehensive road testing. The countless different conditions that arise during real-life use need to be investigated. To enable more efficient road testing of brakes, an extremely robust microphone that can survive thousands of miles of road testing is needed.

没有全面的道路测试,制动器的测试是不完整的。 需要调查现实生活中出现的无数不同的情况。 为了能够更有效地对制动器进行路试,需要一个极其坚固的麦克风,它可以在数千英里的路试中幸存下来。


This is why we at GRAS have developed a new rugged microphone optimized for the rough conditions in the wheelhouse. A robust microphone that can withstand prolonged exposure to extreme temperature variations, water, salt, dust, snow and impacts from gravel.

这就是为什么GRAS研发出一种新型坚固型麦克风,专门针对车轮腔内的恶劣条件进行了优化。 坚固耐用的麦克风,可承受长时间暴露于极端温度变化、水、盐份、灰尘、雪和砾石冲击。


Model Specifications 型号规格


Frequency Range (频率范围) : 3.15Hz to 20 kHz

Dynamic Range (动态范围) : 18dB(A) to 133 dB

Sensitivity (灵敏度): 50mV/Pa


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