13. AcoustiCam

Quickly and effectively locate and analyse sound sources



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Especially the sound analysis of complex objects often reveals the problem that conventional measurements using a single or just a couple of microphones only deliver insufficient results with respect to the tracking of sound sources. The technique used with AcoustiCam provides an excellent solution. Simultaneous measurements using a large number of microphones allow the quick and precise location and separation of sound sources.

特别是对复杂物体的声音分析经常揭示出使用单个或仅仅几个麦克风的传统测量在声源跟踪方面提供的结果不足的问题。 与AcoustiCam一起使用的技术提供了一个出色的解决方案。 使用大量麦克风同时进行测量,可以快速准确地定位和分离声源。


Typical applications 典型应用

• Locating stationary and transient sound sources 定位固定和瞬态声源

• Long-term monitoring of machines and plant 长期监控机器和设备

• Acoustic vehicle tests (inside and outside) 声学车辆测试(内部和外部)

• Quality assurance 质量保证

• Predictive machine maintenance  预测性机器维护

• Acoustic optimization of products 产品的声学优化


Software for the AC100


The AC100 is supplied either as pure hardware + Windows driver for custom development or bundled with the BeamformX application software from OptiNav. BeamformX uses an advanced new evaluation algorithm, the Robust Functional Beamforming. Compared to conventional beamforming methods, Robust Functional Beamforming works faster, has a higher dynamic range and can resolve more details spatially and temporally. Robust Functional Beamforming has been developed by Robert P. Dougherty, OptiNav Inc USA. The stored raw data can also be used in postprocessing with the SAMURAI software from SINUS Messtechnik.

AC100既可以作为纯硬件 以及 Windows驱动程序进行定制开发,也可以与OptiNav的BeamformX应用软件捆绑在一起。 BeamformX使用先进的新评估算法,即鲁棒功能波束成形。 与传统的波束形成方法相比,鲁棒功能波束形成工作更快,具有更高的动态范围,并且可以在空间和时间上分辨更多细节。 鲁棒功能波束成形由OptiNav Inc USA Robert P. Dougherty开发。 存储的原始数据也可以使用SINUS Messtechnik的SAMURAI软件进行后处理。


Handheld and conventional acoustic camera with various microphone arrays

We offer a number of different array geometries with detachable 1/4“ ICP microphones optimized for various applications 带有各种麦克风阵列的手持式和传统声学相机SINUS提供多种不同的阵列几何结构,带有可拆卸的1/4“ICP麦克风,可针对各种应用进行优化:

• Single circle with 32 microphones (500 Hz to 20 kHz) 带有32个麦克风(500 Hz至20 kHz)单圈

• Double circle with 32 microphones (500 Hz to 20 kHz) 带32个麦克风的双圈(500 Hz至20 kHz)

• Inline array with 32 microphones for preemptive measurements 带有32个麦克风的内联阵列,用于抢先测量

• foldable star array with 30 microphones (200 Hz to 20 kHz) 可折叠星形阵列,带30个麦克风(200 Hz至20 kHz)

• detachable star array with 30 microphones (1 kHz bsi 20 kHz) Each set of 16 microphone signals is connected to the inputs of the Tornado system securely and quickly by means of highly flexible multi-core cables with MDR connectors. This solution also allows use with customer-specific arrays. Various interfaces are available for the programming of Tornado by the user :

具有30个麦克风(1 kHz bsi 20 kHz)的可拆卸星形阵列每组16个麦克风信号通过具有MDR连接器的高度灵活的多芯线缆安全快速地连接到Tornado系统的输入。 此解决方案还允许使用客户特定的阵列。 用户可以使用各种接口来编程


    • SINUS MATLAB Toolbox (compileable)  SINUS MATLAB工具箱(可编译)

    • LabView Library  

    • API for individual programming with C++ or Python  使用C ++或Python进行单独编程的API

The main advantage of conventional arrays with Tornado is the universal use of the measuring hardware with the detachable microphones (SMB connectors). The same hardware can also be used for sound power measurement according to the envelope area method or for a simulated Indoor Pass-By.

带有Tornado的传统阵列的主要优点是测量硬件与可拆卸麦克风(SMB连接器)的普遍使用。 根据包络区域方法或模拟室内通过,相同的硬件也可用于声功率测量。

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