08. Hand-Arm vibration Dosimeter- SV103

SV 103 Personal Human Vibration Exposure meter is dedicated to hand-arm vibration measurements. The instrument meets ISO 8041:2005 and is the ideal choice for making measurements according to ISO 5349 and European Directive 2002/44/EC.


SV 103 Personal Human Vibration Exposure meter专用于手臂振动测量。 该仪器符合ISO 8041:2005标准,是根据ISO 5349和欧洲指令2002/44 / EC进行测量的理想选择。

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Hand-arm vibration is when mechanical vibrations are transmitted to the human hand when in contact with the surface of a vibrating machine such as an electric drill. This type of vibration is particularly harmful as it can cause pathological changes in the nervous system of the hands and fingers; commonly called white finger disease.


Since there is no cure for damage caused by vibration, the only effective regime is to take regular vibration measurements in the hazardous workplace environment and therefore ensure that damage is not caused in the first place. However, many currently used assessment methods for hand-arm vibration are subject to a very high level of uncertainty and typically vibration measurement accuracy can vary in the range of ±20% to 40% which makes a big difference in terms of white finger disease. The SV 103 from Svantek significantly decreases the measurement uncertainty as the instrument is attached to the user’s arm and is small enough to take daily vibration exposure measurements without interfering with normal working activities.



The SV 103 uses our latest accelerometer, the SV 107, that has a contact force sensor in addition to the standard accelerometer. Contact force is the sum of grip force and push force and is therefore a measurement of how firmly a user is holding the tool being measured. This is a recommendation of the new standards and the reading from the contact force sensor is also displayed on the screen. The SV 107 accelerometer is based on MEMS, the very latest in transducer technology. MEMS gives many advantages including shock resistance, very low power and frequency response down to DC. The usage of MEMS breaks the technological barrier of a weight and dimensions additionally reducing the cost of the complete system. 


The SV 103 is powered using rechargeable batteries charged through the USB interface which also enables easy interconnection between the instrument and a PC. The measurement data is safely stored in the large 8 GB memory. The instrument works with our powerful “Supervisor” software which allows instrument configuration as well as the viewing and exporting of measurement data and daily vibration exposure recalculations.
The colour OLED screen that offers excellent visibility even in full daylight completes the exceptional features of this instrument.


手臂振动是指当机械振动与(诸如电钻的)振动机器的表面接触时传递到人手的时候。 这种类型的振动特别有害,因为它可以引起手和手指的神经系统的病理变化; 俗称白指病。


由于无法解决由振动引起的损坏,唯一有效的方法是在危险的工作环境中定期进行振动测量,从而确保首先不会造成损坏。 然而,许多目前用于手臂振动的评估方法存在非常高的不确定性,并且通常振动测量精度可以在±20%至40%的范围内变化,这在白指疾病方面产生很大差异。 来自Svantek的SV 103显着降低了测量的不确定性,因为仪器连接到用户的手臂,并且足够小,可以在不干扰正常工作活动的情况下进行每日振动暴露测量。


SV 103使用我们最新的加速度计SV 107,除标准加速度计外还带有接触力传感器。 接触力是握力和推力的总和,因此是用户握住被测工具牢固程度的度量。 这是新标准的推荐,而接触力传感器的读数也显示在屏幕上。 SV 107加速度计基于MEMS,这是最新的传感器技术。 MEMS具有许多优点,包括抗冲击性、极低的功率和低至DC的频率响应。 MEMS的使用打破了重量和尺寸的技术障碍,另外降低了整个系统的成本。


SV 103使用通过USB接口充电的可充电电池供电,这也使仪器和PC之间易于互连。 测量数据安全地存储在大型8 GB内存中。 该仪器与我们强大的“Supervisor”软件配合使用,该软件允许仪器配置以及测量数据的查看和输出以及每日振动暴露重新计算。

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