Newsletter - November 2016

In December, S&V Samford is planning to visit TONGJI University, SHANGHAI JIAO TONG University and Changan Research Institute of Automotive Engineering for technical presentations. 

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  • 02. The Apollo Light
    02. The Apollo Light

    The Apollo TM  Light S&V New The Light version for our black box acoustic analyzer- especially handy and robust- with USB Interface 带USB接口特别方便和强大的Light版声学分析仪的。 --- USB-based Multi-channel System for Sound & vibration Measurement and Analysis  用于声音和振动测量和分析的USB多声道系统 S&V New The Apollo TM   Light Leaflet

  • 03.Apollo  PCl Express Cards
    04. Apollo PCIe- PCl Express Cards

    Apollo TM   PCl Express Cards  Quality and performance of Soundbookcombined with an idividual hardware configuration  PCI measuring cards for your PC or as configurable customized PC solution Apollo TM   PCIe- PCI Express Cards 

  • 03. CTC Compatible Cable Adapters for CSI 2140
    04. CTC Compatible Cable Adapters for CSI 2140

    CSI Multi channel data collector and analyzer CTC More details : CTC Compatible Cable Adapters for CSI 2140

  • Turbulence Screen
    14. Turbulence Screen

    The G.R.A.S. 67TS-1-CL Turbulence Scree n Kit (67TS-1-CL  湍流屏幕) GRAS  is designed for aeroacoustic testing in solid-walled wind tunnels.   专为实心壁风洞中的空气声学测试而设计。 s&v More Details: G.R.A.S Turbulence Screen Brochure

  • 13.Nosecones

    Nosecones 鼻锥  Proper use of a microphone with a nosecone is to aim the nosecone towards the air flow. The nosecone has an inner threading and is installed by replacing the protection grid with the nosecone. 正确使用带有鼻锥的麦克风是将鼻锥对准空气流动。鼻锥具有内螺纹,是通过替换保护网格以安装鼻锥。 G.R.A.S More Details: Nosecone