10. MUNISENCE - Effective long-term noise monitoring via internet

MUNISENSE -The Effective long-term noise monitoring via internet 


-It is an autonomous noise monitoring stations 是一个自主噪声监测站

-It is able to conduct wireless communication within the network 能够在网络内进行无线通信

-The continuous data is available to store on the server 可用于连续数据储存的服务器上

-Provides flexible web interface to users 

-Stationary and mobile systems available 


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More details

Standard-compliant sound level measurement according to IEC 61672

符合标准的声级测量符合IEC 61672标准


MUNISENSE noise monitoring uses the internet for data storage and offers measurement values in real time .  MUNISENSE 噪声监测使用互联网进行数据存储,并实时提供测量值

In some municioalities noise  pollution is becoming a severe problem. Many citizens are exposed to various different source of noise, which affect their quality of life as well as their health. 

在一些市政局、噪音污染正成为一个严重的问题。 许多公民接触到各种不同的噪音源,这会影响他们的生活质量和健康。


One typical example example for such noise events are open air concerts. Often noise exposure occurs during night and therefore not within the authority's regular working hours. Only suitable automatic monitoring stations allow for an effective method to capture such events.

这种噪声事件的一个典型示例示例是露天音乐会。 噪音经常在夜间发生,因此不在当局的正常工作时间内。 只有合适的自动监测站才能有效地捕获此类事件。


The web-based long-term monitoring system MUNISENSE provides authorities, administrations and companies with all means to atomatically and continuously measure the current noise pollution level as well as further environmental parameters, if needed, at a large number of long-term measuring locations. The measured values are stored centrally and in real time using the internet technology. In this, safety is provided by storing the data as well as by protecting the personal interests and privacy of the individual citizens.

基于网络的长期监测系统MUNISENSE为当局、主管部门和公司提供了在大量长期测量位置自动和连续测量当前噪声污染水平以及其他环境参数(如果需要)的方法。 使用互联网技术集中和实时存储测量值。 在这方面,通过存储数据以及保护个人公民的个人利益和隐私来提供安全性。


The MUNISENSE monitoring network consists of an arbitrary number of autonomous outdoor noise mornitoring station in permanent operaation, which are connected to a central server through a wireless network. 



The measured values are continuously transferred to the server and are accessible to the different users through a web portal and the administration of useres' righs allow protection of the interests and the rights of each individual user. 



A pubilc presentation of current noise measurements is an efficient means to improve acceptance of noise emitting events such as open air concerts or major sports events wihin the municipality. Combined with background information on the events this helps to de-escalate possible conflicts with the residents. 

当前噪声测量的公开演示是提高噪声排放事件接受度的有效手段,例如露天音乐会或市政府的重大体育赛事。 结合有关事件的背景信息,这有助于降低与居民可能发生的冲突。


Modern technology combines secure ling-term data adminstration with a customized website 



For noise measurement the SINUS MUNISENSE system uses the modified hardware platform of the Tango sound level meter, offering accuracy class 1 according to IEC61672. 

对于噪声测量,SINUS MUNISENSE系统使用Tango声级计的改进硬件平台,根据IEC61672提供等级1的精度。


The Tango Monitoring station meets all requirments of the following fields of application:


- Monitoring traffic and industrial noise  监控交通和工业噪声

- Monitoring neighbourhood noise / noise from recreational activities  监控娱乐活动中的邻里噪声/噪声

- Monitoring noise at work. 监测工作噪声。


The low power consumption of the sound level meter and the additional communication units allow battery operation on the internal battery for up to 100h. The measured data are send to the central  server via ZigBee wireless network (for several stations in the immediate vicinty) or via 3G moderm.



The data are available for further use through a web interface. An individually designed website offering the possibility to grant differentiated user rights allows to display and analyse the data anywhere. Apart from the instantaneous sound level values at each measuring location, the level values of the preceding days as well as the audio data – for listening in – are provided. An SMS or e-mail alert in the event of level exceedance is an integral part of the system.



Easy set-up, commissioning and administration of the measuring station and the entire system.易于设置、调试和管理测量站和整个系统。


Apart from the purchase cost, the installation costs are a major factor.


The Tango_NMS stations allow permanent outdoor installation. Due to their low weight and small dimensions installation on public lamp poles is possible. The low power demand combined with the integrated battery and charger unit enables direct feeding from the street lights. Alternatively the stations may be powered by a small solar panel (30 x 40 cm).

Tango_NMS 允许永久性的室外安装。 由于它们轻、尺寸小、可以安装在公共灯杆上。 低功耗需求与集成电池和充电器单元相结合,可以直接从路灯供电。 或者,可以由小型太阳能电池板(30×40cm)供电。


Due to wireless data transmission no wiring or earthwork costs incur ! Additional stations may be integrated into the system without problems at any time.

由于无线数据传输,不会产生布线或土方工程费用! 可以在任何时候将附加站集成到系统中而不会出现问题。


PTB Type approval for the device Tango_NMS has been requested (for German legal calibration). The INSIGHTNOW™ server created by the company Munisense is used. The optional installation of the server at the customer is possible.

已请求设备Tango_NMS的PTB类型批准(用于德国法定校准)。 使用由Munisense公司创建的INSIGHTNOW™服务器。 可以在客户处选择安装服务器。


The INSIGHTNOW™ server created by the company Munisense is used. The optional installation of the server at the customer is possible.

使用由Munisense公司创建的INSIGHTNOW™服务器。 可以在客户处选择安装服务器。


MUNISENSE system integration by post-processing with the AUDITOR™ software package



The combination of the monitoring system MUNISENSE and the post-processing software AUDITOR allows the convenient analysis of noise pollution levels according to the German Technical Instructions on Noise Abatement (TA Lärm).


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