24. Compact & High-sensitive GPS Speedometer

LC-8300 compact and high-sensitive GPS speedometer can measure speed, distance and other vehicle-related measurement items for two-wheel vehicles, or construction vehicles etc. by satellite signals of GPS/GLONASS.

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High-sensitive receiver:Allows the GPS/GLONASS antenna to be installed inside a vehicle for measurement.
Compact design:170×120×41(mm) and approx.0.75 kg of the main unit, built-in IMU, only three units (main unit, display and antenna) are necessary to measure.
Data logging without a PC:Data can be stored in the attached USB memory or internal storage memory.
Easy to operate with a touch panel:The touch panel display improves visibility and ease of operation.
High accuracy:Accuracy of ±0.2 km/h or less(speed), and ±0.2 % or less (distance)
High function

- Analog 4ch, pulse 1ch, CAN 64ch input as standard
- Selectable output (analog output of speed / pulse output of distance) 
- ±20 V voltage input (4ch), pulse input (1ch) 
- Carrying case as standard accessory 
- Measurement result can be printed out by a printer. 
- Update cycle: 10 ms 
- Condition display of a main unit by LED 
- Buzzer to inform the lost of satellite reception 
- External trigger processing 
- Data transmission by CAN communication 
- Interpolation of speed data by CAN or pulse signal 
- Can be used LC-8000 series software 
- Tri-axial accelerometer, angular speed measurement 
- Data output as CSV format

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