05. Sound and Vibration Analyzer

Class 1 Sound & Vibration Analyzer 

1 精度声音和振动分析仪

The SVAN 979

It is Svantek flagship device.You will be amazed by its OLED display which is featured with excellent visibility in all light conditions. 



More Details: Class 1 Sound & Vibration Analyzer 

More details

The instrument’s lightweight and durable aluminium housing not only gies a sense of a firm grip but also protects the valuable electronic device from damage and any influence from electromagnetic interference.


The SVAN 979 has a very large dynamic range of measurement - over 110dB. It’s high-quality GRAS 40AE microphone allows measurement in the frequency range starting as low as 3 Hz. The measurement path has been designed to allow the use of other microphones should you want to measure very low frequencies or very high levels of noise. The microphone preamplifier has also been reinforced with a collar to protect against mechanical damage. One amazing feature of the SVAN 979 is that if you disconnect the microphone preamplifier then you can use the instrument for vibration measurements - simply connect up a cable and a vibration sensor .


The SVAN 979 has an extensive range of hardware and firmware add-ons that includes built-in Bluetooth, windscreen infrared detector, direct connections to GPS module, GPRS or WiFi modem or the totally unique built-in vibration shock sensor that warns the user whenever the instrument itself is exposed to vibrations that may influence the noise measurements. 

Two USB connectors allow for the simultaneous operation of USB pen-drives and communication with the computer. 
Usage of this number of advanced features at the same time is possible as the instrument has two high-speed digital signal processors. For example, the SVAN 979 is capable of measuring 2 ms steps of time history, logged simultaneously to audio recording (with 48kHz sampling) and real-time frequency analysis. Only the SVAN 979 can meet such a challenge. All data is stored on a microSD card of any capacity (default is 8GB) .


It is also important to note that unlike other brands which recalculate FFT spectrum to octave bands, the SVAN 979 performs frequency analysis in real-time, whether in octaves, third octaves all the way up to 1/12 octaves.


Setting up such advanced measurements can be very complicated but not in the SVAN 979. The intuitive menu structure of this instrument has been designed to make the measurement experience a pleasure.



SVAN 979 1 精度声音和振动分析仪器轻巧耐用的铝制外壳不仅具有牢固抓握感,还可保护有价值的电子设备免受电磁干扰的损坏和影响。


SVAN 979具有非常大的动态测量范围 - 超过110dB。 它采用高品质的GRAS 40AE麦克风,可在低至3 Hz的频率范围内进行测量。 如果您想测量非常低的频率或非常高的噪声水平,测量路径的设计允许使用其他麦克风。 麦克风前置放大器也采用轴环加固,以防止机械损坏。 SVAN 979的一个惊人功能是,如果您断开麦克风前置放大器,那么您可以使用仪器进行振动测量 - 只需连接电缆和振动传感器即可。


同样重要的是要注意,与重新计算FFT频谱到八度音阶的其他品牌不同,SVAN 979可以实时进行频率分析,无论是八度音阶,第三个八度音阶,一直到1/12个八度音阶。


设置这样的高级测量可能非常复杂,但在SVAN 979则并不复杂。SVAN 979 仪器的菜单结构目的旨在使测量体验成为一种乐趣。


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