09. Automation Imager - MN4100 自动化成像仪

Automation Imager -MN4100  自动化成像仪


Small and light enough to be picked up with two fingers, the MN4100 Dual Vision, Automation Imager, provides thermal imaging capability to new or existing control systems. MN4100 Dual Vision自动成像仪体积小,重量轻,可以用两根手指拾取,为新的或现有的控制系统提供热成像功能。


More Details 

More details

With diverse applications, ranging from plant automation, security, home automation and marine, MN4100 is the flexible choice. Provided with prewritten PLC Function Blocks for Communication, Measurement and Analysis, MN4100 is simple to integrate into any Modbus/TCP  compatible control system.

MN4100具有多种应用,包括工厂自动化,安全,家庭自动化和船舶,是灵活的选择。 MN4100提供预编程的PLC功能块,用于通信,测量和分析,可轻松集成到任何Modbus / TCP兼容控制系统中。


Designed for control and automation applications, MN4100 comprises a dual vision; Thermal and Visual sensor package providing up to 4800 measurement points along with alarms and configuration information via Modbus/TCP. Compact and lightweight, MN4100 is simple to mount via its M6x4 boss on the base and is ideal for hard-to-reach locations where manual surveys cant cover.

MN4100专为控制和自动化应用而设计,具有双重视觉功能。 热量和视觉传感器包通过Modbus / TCP提供多达4800个测量点以及报警和配置信息。 MN4100结构紧凑,重量轻,可通过底座上的M6x4凸台轻松安装,非常适合手动测量无法覆盖的难以到达的位置。


With a standard measurement range of -10 to +120C (14 to 248F), MN4100 is the low cost solution for your infrared automation needs. PLC enabled using Modbus/TCP, MN4100, give your existing plant network a dual vision capability by efficiently utilising the processing power of your existing controllers.

MN4100的标准测量范围为-10至+ 120C(14至248F),是满足红外自动化需求的低成本解决方案。 使用Modbus / TCP,MN4100启用PLC,通过有效利用现有控制器的处理能力,为您现有的工厂网络提供双视觉功能。


With it onboard grid alarms, web server and PLC interface plus dedicated MONITIR software MN4100 helps you prevent unwanted outages and equipment failure without the need for costly manual surveys.



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