05. NOISEPAD - Acoustics and Vibration Analyzer (NEW)

NoisePAD analyzer by SINUS Messtechnik GmbH

SINUS Messtechnik GmbH的NoisePAD分析仪


NoisePAD is a new class of 4- Channel real-time analyzer for noise & vibration (with SANURAI software). The combination of robust 8” tablet and analyzer meets the standard MIL 810. 

NoisePAD是一种用于噪声和振动的新型4通道实时分析仪(使用SANURAI软件)。 坚固的8寸平板电脑和分析仪的组合符合标准MIL 810

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The NoisePAD™ is our new 4-channel noise and vibration analyzer. Minimal size and weight make the NoisePAD™ a perfect fit for mobile applications thus closing the gap between our hand-held sound level meters and the Soundbook measuring system. Very low power consumption allows tripling of the battery life compared to the Soundbook to a maximum of 12 hours.


This combination of a robust industrial 8-inch tablet and a DSP-based analyzer complies with MIL-STD-810. Rubber seals protect all connectors from water and dust. The NoisePAD™ thus fulfils the requirements of IP54.


To also meet the conditions for metering points according to articles 28 and 29 of the German federal immission control act (Bundes-Immissionsschutzgesetz) the NoisePAD™ is currently being prepared for design approval by the German federal physical-technical institute (Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt, PTB).


The NoisePAD™ has two additional tacho/trigger channels for rotational speed measurements as well as external control of the instrument. It also offers a signal generator output, which allows to generate noise or sweep signals for example. The integrated LEMO CAMA connectors enable secure and reliable interfacing with ICP/IPEE sensors.


The NoisePAD™ features a full version of Windows 10 supporting all common Windows applications. The new optimized software interface of SAMURAI™ 3.0 has been adapted to support the NoisePAD™ touch control. This allows you to cross-use our software products on the NoisePAD™.


Interfaces as USB, Bluetooth, 4G and WiFi, SD cards as well as front and rear cameras extend the application scope of this instrument.


The NoisePAD™ is particularly well suited for:


The NoisePAD™ is particularly well suited for:

- Sound intensity measurements
- ISO 9614 sound power measurements
- Rotor balancing
- Machinery vibration measurements
- Building acoustics
- Noise and vibration monitoring
- Occupational health/human vibration measurements
- Environmental noise & building vibration monitoring
- Engineering services
- Quality assurance
- Frequency analysis
- Modal analysis
- Order analysis
- Structural analysis


The SAMURAITM software offers even in the base version per channel:

 SAMURAITM 软件在每个频道的基本版本中提供:


-Sound level meter 声级计 :    Class 1 according to IEC 6162  1精度 并符合IEC 6162

-Frequency analyzer 频率分析仪 :   IEC 61260 third-octave + FFT analyzer IEC 61260第三个倍频程+


-Singnal recorder 信号记录器     :   Records audio signals up to 80kHz 记录高达80kHz的音频信号


For vibration users we offer the new Samurai 3.0 Vibro Suite as alternative.

对于专注振动用户,我们提供新的Samurai 3.0 Vibro Suite作为替代方案。


SAMURAI options 选项:

-          Building Acoustics       -Building Vibration      -Data Collector

            建筑声学                      建筑振动                     数据采集器

-          Easy Listening            -Envelope Analysis      -Fractional Octaves

            轻松聆听                      包络分析                     分倍频程

-          GPS synchronization    -Human Vibration Analyzer

            GPS同步                       人体振动分析仪

-          Multi Generator           -NoiseCam Video        -Order Tracking

           多功能产生器                  NoiseCam 视频            订单跟踪

-          Post Processing           -Radar Speed Measurement

           后期处理                        雷达速度测量

-          Room Acoustics           -Sound Intensity        -Sound Power

            室内声学                       声强                           声音力量

-          TCP/IP Interface          -Tonality                    -Transfer FRF

-          Vibration Meter           -Virtual Tacho             -Weather Station 

            振动计                         虚拟转速计                   天气站


NOISEPAD Specifications 规格


Input:           4 Channels 24bit @51.2kHz, ICP/ direct,2 Trigger/Tacho Channels

Output:        1 output channel

Tablet PC     8” industrial tablet, ATOM Cherrytrail, 4GB Ram, 128GB SSD, Win 10

Mechanics: IP 67, MIL810,temperature -20 oC … +50 oC

Autonomy : 10 hours

Interface    : USB,SD,WiFi,3G,GPS, Bluetooth, 2x camera


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