07. Soundbook & SAMURAI

Soundbook  & SAMURAI 

Option: PASS-BY Measurement 通過測試

Innovative system with Dynatrack hardware & Starpass software

GPS System for Pass-by measurements according to ISO 362/08, 2011/43CE

The Best way to simplify your Pass-by measurement 

Soundbook  & SAMURAI Option: PASS-BY Measurement Leaflet

More details

Dynatrack is a special system for pass-by tests based on high accuracy GNSS technology. The Dynatrack system has been specifically designed to allow a single operator to carry out the tests. 

Dynatrack是一种基于高精度无线传输的全球导航卫星系统(GNSS)技术的传递测试的特殊系统。 这系统专门设计用于允许单个操作员进行测试。

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Starpass, the management and measurement application software, is an easy-to-use tool provided with an intuitive user interface.

Starpass, 是管理和测量应用软件,是一款易于使用的工具,具有直观的用户界面。

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The hardware consists of the onboard-unit and the base station. The base station is designed to acquire and analyze the sound pressure level signals through Soundbook, the multi-channel analyzer, and to transfer them to the mobile unit by means of a specific WLAN technology. 


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The onboard-unit has been developed to acquire the data concerning vehicle speed, position and RPM in real time. Moreover, by sharing the information with the fixed unit, it is also possible to appreciate the position of the vehicle , making reference to the input and output barriers.

车载单元的开发是为了实时获取有关车速、位置和RPM的数据。 此外,通过与固定单元共享信息,还可以参考输入和输出屏障来理解车辆的位置。

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Through the combined features of Dynatrack and Starpass, the driver can handle all the information required to perform the test by himself in a quick and profitable way.


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Benefits for users: 
Advanced GPS technology 先进的GPS技术

The acoustic measurements performed by Soundbook are synchronized through the base station with the onboard unit, by GNSS University Time clock, and with the data concerning car position,speed and PRM.

Soundbook执行的声学测量通过基站与车载单元,GNSS University Time clock以及车辆位置、速度和PRM的数据同步。

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Dynatrack in based on GNSS’state-of-art’, technology the receiver uses both the code and phase signals to determine the vehicle position (carrier phase Doppler technique), while the speed calculation is refined via a Von Kalmann filter optimized for dynamic performance.

Dynatrack基于GNSS的“先进技术”技术,接收器使用代码和相位信号来确定车辆位置(载波相位多普勒技术),同时通过针对动态性能优化的Von Kalmann滤波器改进速度计算。

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The receiver can manage multiple constellations of the navigation system, which makes use of a considerable number of parallel receiving channels (up to 50 satelliters, including GPS, GLONASS and EGNOS signals). 


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In-field easy-to-use application

Just 5 minutes and the system is ready to give you the first results!


The simplicity of its connections and its compact, light case enable you to install the system very easily and to prepare the vehicle on trial quickly, giving you the possibility of carrying out your tests on various vehicles efficiently.


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Besides that, Starpass guides the driver through the procedure necessary in order to perform the test correctly according to the standard. And the Test Driver provides the function of

1).Planning the characteristics and the serviceability of test.

2). Checking the background noise and other environmental parameters.

3). Checking the condition and the quality of the measurement subsystems in real-time (remote operation, GPS solution, signal analyzer),

4).Acquiring speed RPM and sound pressure level data on the microphone line or at different position within the measurement area and

5).Carrying out the acceleration tests and compare with previous ones.


除此之外,Starpass还指导驾驶员完成必要的程序,以便按照标准正确执行测试。 测试驱动程序提供:


2) 检查背景噪音和其他环境参数。

3) 实时检查测量子系统的状况和质量(远程操作,GPS解决方案,信号分析仪)


5 )进行加速试验并与之前的试验进行比较


Open to meet user’s requirements

The system has been developed not only to be used for individual pass-by test complying with a single standard, but also for carrying out different in-field tests according to various standard: SAE J 1470, 2001/43CE, ISO 13335, ISO5130 and others on request.

Soundbook该系统不仅可用于符合单一标准的单独通过测试,还可用于根据各种标准进行不同的现场测试:SAE J 1470,2001 / 43CE、ISO 13335、ISO5130和 其他应要求。


It is also possible to share both speed and position with the data coming from the auxiliary channels provided by the onboard unit for other uses. By using the optional modules connected with the system expansion ports,you can acquire:

此外,Soundbook 还可以与来自车载单元提供的辅助通道的数据共享速度和位置以用于其他用途。 通过使用与系统扩展端口连接的可选模块,您可以获得:

- Information from the vehicle through OBD II 

  通过OBD II提供车辆的信息

- acceleration data on 3axis with IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) 


-DC Channels:3 or more channels at 20Hz


-Digital Channels: 2 fast input and 2 fast outputs



It is possible to use second Soundbook analyzer with the onboard unit in the vehicle for parallel inside and outside noise measurement.



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