07. Bionic Array - L-112 microphone array

The Bionic L-112 microphone array has a diameter of 170 cm and consists of 112 microphones. It is engineered for use from 350 Hz. The optimized microphone distribution guarantees a perfect sound source localization and a high dynamic range. 

Bionic L-112麦克风阵列直径为170厘米,由112个麦克风组成。 Bionic L-112设计用于350 Hz。 优化的麦克风分配保证了完美的声源定位和高动态范围。


More Details: Acoustic Camera- The Bionic L-112 microphone array

More details

The seven detachable microphone arms (setup about 1 minute) make the system very mobile with a small package size. The data acquisition hardware is integrated in the acoustic camera so there is no need to use external measuring equipement. Using the handle on the acoustic camera makes the system perfect for mobile use. Typical applications are wind power plants, gear, industrial facilities and environmental measurement.

Bionic L-112 microphone array 有七个可拆卸的麦克风支架(设置约1分钟)使系统非常灵活。 数据采集硬件集成在声学相机中,因此无需使用外部测量设备。 声学相机上的手柄使该系统非常适合移动使用。 典型应用包括环境测量,泄漏检测和吱吱声,嗡嗡声和嘎嘎声定位。


size of the acoustic camera 直径 1700 mm
Spezifikationen der akustischen Kamera <33 dB to 120 dB with up to 40 dB dynamic  (动态频率高达40 dB)
number of microphones of the acoustic camera

112 MEMS-microphones, 24 bit resolution,
Samplerate 48 kHz, frequencyrange 20 Hz - 20 kHz 

112 MEMS麦克风,24位分辨率,采样率48 kHz,频率范围20 Hz - 20 kHz

recommend frequency range of the acoustic camera

from 350 Hz with a resolution of 40°

从350 Hz开始,40°分辨率

material of the acoustic camera fibre-reinforced polymer 纤维增强聚合物
weight of the acoustic camera 3,7 kg 


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