01. Universal multi-channel Acoustic and Vibration Measurement System - Soundbook_MK2


Universal multi-channel Acoustic and Vibration Measurement System
PTB type approval 21.21 / 13.05

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Soundbook_MK2 is the second generation of our universal measurement system for sound and vibration measurements as well as general engineering measurements. It is based on the innovative Apollo platform. The high-performance 24-bit ADCs and the advanced Apollo filter processor combine highest precision, a large number of channels and a high signal bandwidth in one device. Of course, the robust Panasonic Toughbook CF-19 serves as base equipment for the Soundbook_MK2 again.


The universal multi-channel acoustic and vibration measuring system has the PTB type approval 21.21 / 13.05 and is therefore the only PC-based analyzer that can be verified.


Soundbook allows you to work virtually everywhere, at the office as well as on the go. Soundbook reliably withstands heat, cold, rain, dust, vibration and hard impacts. With a weight of 3 kilograms, a robust magnesium case, a rotatable, bright TFT display, low power consumption and various interfaces Soundbook combines the performance of a high-quality instrument with the capabilities of a PC. You may choose from variants with 2 / 4 or 8 measuring channels with LEMO7 or BNC input connectors to match you application requirements.


Soundbook is especially well suited for:

- Occupational safety and environmental protection
- Engineering services
- Quality assurance
- Research and development
- Sound level measurements
- Frequency analysis
- Signal recording
- Human vibration measurements
- Pass-by noise measurements
- Building acoustics
- Sound intensity measurements
- Machinery vibration measurements
- Modal analysis
- Order analysis
- Structural analysis


As an alternative we offer the Apollo_Box with 4 input channels for operation with a Windows PC and a USB 2.0 interface or as channel extension to Soundbook_MK2.


Core Features


- Calibrate Class 1 Sound level Meter 

   The Soundbook_MK2 complies with IEC 61672-1 Class 1 and is calibratable with up to 8 measuring



Protected against splashing water and dust

    The splash-water and dust-protected design ensures durable sealing complying with the IP54
    protection class (IP64 CF-19 Toughbook). This also allows operation under hash environmental     

- Robust, compact, shock-resistant, PC-based measurement system

    The Soundbook is MIL-STD 810F vibration- and shock-resistant. Offering the perfect combination of
    performance and robustness Soundbooks is setting a new benchmark for PC-based measurement

- Extremely bright 10.1" LCD touchscreen, optimized for direct sunlight

   The Fully Ruggedized Convertible Soundbook has a revolutionary LCD display, which allows use as
   both a notebook and a tablet-PC. The Panasonic TransflectivePlus display technology featuring low   
   reflection ensures perfect readability even in direct sunlight (up to 6.500cd/m2 reflective brightness).
   The CF-19's LCD is enclosed in a robust, scratch-resistant magnesium alloy case and connects to the
   base shell through a reinforced 180°-rotatable hinge.

- Complete 2-8 channel measurement system which is only Slightly larger and heavier  

   than a 10" notebook

    With a height of only 2cm the Soundbook base shell matches the contours of the Panasonic CF-19

    Toughbook. Weighing only three kilogrammes and featuring a robust magnesium alloy case, moderate

    power consumption and various interfaces the Soundbook_MK2 combines a high-quality measuring

    instrument with the capabilities of a PC.

- ----

Report function for use in the field, on the move or at the office

   The integrated, high-quality Panasonic Touchbook CF-19 provides you with all functions and interfaces
   of a traditional notebook. Featuring a 3rd generation Intel® Core™ i5-3340M vPro™ processor the CF-
   19 offers high performance, while maintaining a low power consumption. Integrated WiFi, LAN, USB 3,
   Firewire, PC card type II, ExpressCard/34/54, SD/SDCX memory card, Bluetooth and 4GB RAM allow
   data post-processing at virtually any place.

- Long Measuring time

  The internal HDD/SSD as well as SDXC and USB3.0 SuperSpeed interface enable simultaneous

  acquistion of time and real-time analysis data with all channels at full bandwidth for days. Soundbook's

  heated, easily accessible 500GB HDD is shock-resistant, withstands drops from a height of up to 1.8m

  and may be exchanged with an optional 256 GB SSD.


- Extendable to up to 40 channels

   Without power supply the Soundbook_Expander extends the Soundbook measurement system with 8 

   additional measuring channels and various additional service channels. The Apollo_Sync_Hub allows

   sample-synchronous operation of up to 4 Expanders and an additional Soundbook. This allows the

   configuration of measurement systems with 2 to 40 measuring channels for a wide variety of




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