08. New Noise Inspector- Acoustic Camera Solutions

The Noise Inspector software is the standard solution for visualizing sound sources. The application-oriented software guides you from data acquistion to analysis to saving and reporting of acoustic data.

Noise Inspector软件是可视化声源的标准解决方案。 面向应用的软件可指导您从数据采集到分析,再到保存和报告声学数据


More Details: The Easy way to acoustic pictures Video 

More details


-  Online- and offline analysis    在线和离线分析
-  Acoustic-photo und acoustic-video    声学照片和声学视频
-  A lot of HD algorithms: Beamforming, EVOB, CLEAN SC, MUSIC, Capon, DAMAS, Real 3D Beamforming,...
   不同高清算法: 波束成形, EVOB, CLEAN SC, MUSIC, Capon, DAMAS, 3D波束成形,...
-  Frequency analysis and time-frequency analysis (sonogram)  频率分析和时频分析(超声波图)
-  Acoustic weighting (A, B, C) or linear presentation  声学加权(A,B,C)或线性表示
-  Open interface to Matlab for own algorithms  为Matlab打开自己的算法接口
-  Easy export of terce/octave, measurement, acoustic-photo and acoustic-video 
    轻松输出terce / octave,测量,声学照片和声学视频 
-  Playback of local sound  回放本身的声音


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