09. TANGO Plus- Powerful Sound Level meter


Intrgrating Sound Level Meter type 1: IEC 61672

1/3 octave analyser : IEC 61260

TANGO Plus provides General sound level measurements , you can conduct noise measurements, environmenal noise at  the workplace and monitor the traffic noise. 提供一般声级测量,您可以在工作场所进行噪声测量,环境噪声并监控交通噪声。

Tango plus

Both 1/1 and 1/3 octave analysis in real-time 

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The sound level Meter/ analyser for all measurements necessary in workplace and environmental protection.


Tango plus with S&V 

The TANGO PLUS sound level meter is a compact Class 1 sound level meter according to IEC 61672 with 1/1 and 1/3 ocatave analyser for workplace and environmental protection applications. With its intelligent software concept and its meauring range of 110dB  Dispite its high functionality, TANGO PLUS is still very easy to operate.

TANGO PLUS声级计是符合IEC 61672标准的紧凑型1精度声级计,具有1/1和1/3倍頻程分析仪,适用于工作场所和环境保护应用。凭借其智能软件概念和110dB的测量范围尽管TANGO PLUS功能强大,但仍然非常易于操作。

TaNgO PlUs  S&V  

It is possilbe to use detachable mirophone & preamplifer via extension cable. An outdoor protection kit is avaliable on request. The measured values are shown on a TFT colour display and are readable even over larger distance in sunlight or in darkness.The clearly arranged keyboard has a perceptible keystroke.  

您可以通过延长线使用可拆卸的mirophone和前置放大器。 亦可向SINUS要求提供室外保护套件。 测量会值显示在TFT彩色显示屏上,即使在阳光下或黑暗中的较大距离也可读取。清晰排列的键盘具有可感知的击键。

TaNgO PlUs  S&V  

TANGO PLUS has, based on state-of-art circuit technology, a very low power consumption. Two batteries (1.2 ...1.5V size AA) guarantee an operation time of 40h and a storage time of 10 years( for lithium batteries). TANGO PLUS is particually always ready to use.

TaNgO PlUs  S&V  

The TANGO PLUS sound level meter allows for simultaneous A- and C- frequency weightings as well as Fast, Slow and impulse time weightings. In addition to the momentary sound level values, the instument allows the maximum and minimum sound level values, over a given period to be measured.  TANGO can also measure the LAeq,LCeq, LAtm5 and LAtm5-LAeq values

TANGO PLUS基于最先进的电路技术,具有极低的功耗。 两节电池(1.2 ...... 1.5V AA尺寸)保证40小时的运行时间和10年的存储时间(锂电池)。 TANGO PLUS特别随时可以使用。


The instrument has a real-time frequency analyser funtion for 1/1 or 1/3 octave values. 


TaNgO PlUs  S&V  

With the Help of the USB interface and the Tango-Utilitles software, the measured values can be read from the memory, saved and converted to a standard format. 


TaNgO PlUs  S&V  

Additionally, the software allows users-defined Setup to be defined and transferred to the device. 


TaNgO PlUs  S&V  

Typical application of Tango Plus Tango Plus的典型应用 :

-Traffic and industrial noise measurements 交通和工业噪声测量

-Neighborhood and recreation noise monitoring 邻里和娱乐噪声监测

-Workplace noise measurements 工作场所噪声测量

-Monitoring / logging of traffic noise 监控/记录交通噪音

-Occupational noise measurements 职业噪声测量

-Frequency analysis in 1/1 or 1/3octaves in real-time. 1/1或1/3实时倍頻程分析。



Modern technology combines utmost accuracy with simplest operation现代技术结合了最高精度和最简单的操作

The accuracy of the measurement may be considerably improved by calibrating the sound level meter before each measurement. This calibration also remains intact after switching off the device. Because of its reasonable price, easy operation and small dimensions, TangoPlus is the ideal instrument for all users whose measurement tasks require a Class 1 measuring device according to the IEC 61672 standard.通过在每次测量之前校准声级计,可以显着提高测量的准确性。 关闭设备后,此校准也保持不变。 由于其价格合理、操作简单且尺寸小,TangoPlus 是所有需要符合 IEC 61672 标准的 1 类测量设备的用户的理想仪器。


A comprehensive memory management scheme allows different storage cycles to be selected for the various measurement values. In order to prevent incorrect settings from being selected by inexperienced users, the Setup function can be disabled via the interface (Easy Operator Mode).全面的内存管理方案允许为各种测量值选择不同的存储周期。 为了防止没有经验的用户选择错误的设置,可以通过界面禁用设置功能(简易操作模式)。


Type approval by the PTB (legal calibratability in Germany) has been applied for.已申请 PTB(德国的合法可校准性)的型式批准。



Frequency analyser in 1/1 and 1/3 octaves 1/1 和 1/3 倍频程频率分析仪

The Tango Plus sound level meter includes a real-time frequency analyser function with 1/1 and 1/3 octaves according to IEC 61260 class 1 as standard.Tango Plus 声级计包括实时频率分析仪功能,根据 IEC 61260 1 类标准,具有 1/1 和 1/3 倍频程。



Workplace protection applications工作场所保护应用

For labor protection applications, in addition to the Cweighted values, the exceedance times for three freely-selectable LCPeak thresholds can be measured. This non-standard measurement values allows the degree of noise exposure at a workplace to be captured much better than a measurement of the peak value alone.对于劳动保护应用,除了 Cweighted 值之外,还可以测量三个可自由选择的 LCPeak 阈值的超标时间。 这种非标准测量值可以比单独测量峰值更好地捕获工作场所的噪声暴露程度。



Environmental protection applications环保应用

Tango Plus allows three freely-selectable statistical values to be measured and saved. These LAFN% percentiles express what A-weighted level was exceeded in N% of the measurement time.Tango Plus 允许测量和保存三个可自由选择的统计值。 这些 LAFN% 百分位数表示在测量时间的 N% 中超出了  A-weighted水平。



Highest ease of use via integrated software package TANGO-Utilities for Window通过集成软件包 TANGO-Utilities for Window 实现最高的易用性

The TangoPlus sound level meter may also be operated via USB interface. In this case the PC powers the device through the interface (the scope of delivery also includes a USB adapter for mains power supply). The included Tango-Utilities software allows the operation and configuration of the instrument via PC as well as the data transfer between the two devices.TangoPlus 声级计也可以通过 USB 接口操作。 在这种情况下,PC 通过接口为设备供电(供货范围还包括一个用于电源供电的 USB 适配器)。 随附的 Tango-Utilities 软件允许通过 PC 操作和配置仪器以及在两个设备之间传输数据。


A separate window is displayed on the PC which allows easy setting of the parameters and rapid transfer of the stored measurement values. A unique feature of Tango is that several measurement values can be stored with individual sample times. The file names and sizes of the saved measurement values are displayed for transfer or deletion. The USB interface also enables the user to integrate TangoPlus easily into a PC-based measuring system.PC 上显示一个单独的窗口,可以轻松设置参数并快速传输存储的测量值。 Tango 的一个独特功能是可以使用单独的采样时间存储多个测量值。 显示保存的测量值的文件名和大小以供传输或删除。 USB 接口还使用户能够轻松地将 TangoPlus 集成到基于 PC 的测量系统中。


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