08. TANGO- The Powerful Sound Level Meter


Sound Level meter for occupational noise measurement  用于职业噪声测量的声级计

Integrating basic sound level meter  基本的集成声级计

PTB model registration 21.21/12.04  PTB模型注册21.21 / 12.04

More Details : TANGO 

More details

There are 2 different versions of TANGO 有两种不同版本的TANGO   - Tango_SLM type 1 , Tango_SLM type2.

Tango- with s&V 

Tango_SLM type 1 contains Class 1 Sound Level Meter, carring case, wind screen, 8 MB memory, TANGO-Utilites software for Windows. Tango_SLM 类型1包含1类声级计,携带盒,防风屏,8 MB内存,适用于Windows的TANGO-Utilites软件。

Tango- with s&V 

Tango_SLM type2 contains Class 2 Sound Level Meter, carrying case, wind screen, 8 MB memory, TANGO-Utilites software for Windows.

Tango- with s&V 

The Sound Level Meter is a  compact, PTB-approved basic Class 1 sound level meter for occupational and environmental safety applications. With its intelligent software design and the measurment range of 110db, which does not require range switching. 

Tango_SLM type2包含2精度声级计、便携包、挡风屏、8 MB内存,适用于Windows的TANGO-Utilites软件。

Tango- with s&V 

TANGO provides many functions and it is easy to operate. Tango enables even inexperienced users to measure and evaluate sound levels without errors immediately.

TANGO提供多种功能,操作简便。 Tango甚至可以让没有经验的用户立即测量和评估声级,而不会出现错误。

Tango- with s&V 

Tango's permanently polarized, removable 1/2" microphone is automatically calibrated with a standard acoustic calibrator.  A backlit, high-contrast display indicates the measured values and offers good readability in sunshine or darkness, even over larger distances. The keypad is arranged clearly and offers perceptible keystrokes. State-of-the-art circuit technology provides Tango with an ultra-low current consumption. The two batteries (1.2 ... 1.5V, AA type) safeguard operating times of up to 120h and storage over 10 years (with Lithium batteries). This makes Tango virtually always ready to use.

Tango永久的极化、可拆卸的1/2寸麦克风使用标准声学校准器自动校准。背光、高对比度的显示器显示测量值,并能在阳光或黑暗中提供良好的可读性,即使在较大距离上也是如此。键盘布置清晰, 提供可感知的按键。最先进的电路技术为Tango提供了超低的电流消耗。两节电池(1.2 ...... 1.5V,AA型)可保证长达120小时的运行时间和10年以上的存储时间( 若使用锂电池。这使Tango几乎随时可以使用。)

Tango- with s&V 

The Tango sound level meter simultaneously works with the frequency weightings A and C and the time weightings Fast (125ms) and Slow (1s). Apart from the instantaneous sound levels LAF and LAS as well as the maximum levels LAFmax, LASmax and LCpeak in one time domain Tango also measures LAeq, LAE, LAtm5 and LAtm5-LAeq integrated over a given period. Additionally exceedance periods for three user-selectable LCPeak thresholds may be determined.

Tango声级计同时使用频率加权A和C以及时间加权Fast(125ms)和Slow(1s)。 除了瞬时声级LAF和LAS以及最大水平LAFmax,LASmax和LCpeak在一个时域Tango还测量在给定时期内积分的LAeq,LAE,LAtm5和LAtm5-LAeq。 另外,可以确定用于三个用户可选择的LCPeak阈值的超过时段。

Tango with S&V 

Users are able to select different storage cycles for the individual values. The Tango-Utilities software and a USB interface provide a means to retrieve and convert the stored data to a standard format. Moreover, the software allow users east to create individual set-up and transfer the data to the instrument. 

用户可以为各个值选择不同的存储周期。 Tango-Utilities软件和USB接口提供了一种检索存储数据并将其转换为标准格式的方法。 此外,该软件允许用户东部创建单独的设置并将数据传输到仪器。

Tango with S&V 

Automatic sound level meter calibration prior to each measurement run significantly increases the measurement accuracy. Tango also retains the calibration values after shut-down.
Its low cost, easy operation and small dimensions make Tango the ideal tool for all users who require an IEC 61672 Class 1 instrument, but do not need to perform frequency analyses or sound signal recordings.

每次测量运行之前的自动声级计校准可显着提高测量精度。 Tango在关闭后也保留校准值。
它的低成本,易操作和小尺寸使Tango成为所有需要IEC 61672 1精度仪器但不需要进行频率分析或声音信号记录的用户的理想工具。

Tango with S&V 


IEC 61672: Class 1 Sound Level Meter

IEC 60651: Class 1 sound Level Meter

IEC 60804: Class 1 sound Level Meter

Tango with S&V 

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