01. EC-2100 Elevator Speedometer

Finding a compact, battery-operated and lightweight’s handheld speedometer?

EC-2100 can fulfill your desires. It is a compact, battery-operated and lightweight machine that using in elevators adjustment maintenance and inspection.  


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Only by pressing the circumferential ring lightly to an elevator pulley or handrail of the elevators, an accurate measurement can be generated in the easiest way.

Sound and Vibration

Through the buttons on the main units, the measurement values can be held by an external contact signal. 

Sound and Vibration

The EC-0202(optional) is able to conduct a distance measure. It not only able to measure moving distance within a specified period of time, but it can also measure the actual moving distance of an escalator when the emergency stop operation occurred. 


It enables easy and accurate measurement only by pressing the circumferential ring lightly to an elevator pulley or a handrail of an elevator. Measured value can be easily read on the red LCD even in a dark place. The operator can do an inspection alone by fixing the EC-2100 main unit by a jig or using the EC-0201 external detector (option).

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Sound and Vibration

The EC-2100 Elevator Speedometer can conduct a wide measurement that with a range up to 2,000m/ min and 20,000r/ min, it is able to measure a high speed elevator or escalator and to save the calculation time with 10ms.

Besides, there are different functions can carry out by EC-2100. For instance, the Maximum hold function can help to hold the maximum value during measurement, the Averaging function able to averaging speed of rotation speed value (selectable from 1 to 200.) , the Auto power off function / display of remaining battery level function helps users to optimize the battery usage, the Distance measurement function (EC-202 optional) helps to measure the moving distance within a specified time. There is also a remote measurement (EC-201 option) provided by an external detector. 


Moreover, there are up to TEN measurements results can be saved to the main unit for users’ convenience. The contact type handheld tachometer is also available by attaching the KS-300 (option) to the tip of rotation object. 

Sound and Vibration


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