04. Voice Controlled Audio Devices Measurement

Any smart device, any measurement 任何智能设备,任何测量


SoundCheck offers simple, fast and accurate ‘open loop’ testing of any smart device – no matter what the form factor, functionality, connector, or additional features.

SoundCheck 可为任何智能设备提供简单、快速和准确的“开环”测试——无论其外形尺寸、功能、连接器或附加特性如何。


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 SoundCheck offers simple, fast and accurate ‘open loop’ testing of any smart device – no matter what the form factor, functionality, connector, or additional features. It measures a full range of characteristics such as driver performance, microphone array performance, speech recognition and voice quality metrics via wired, wireless/Bluetooth, cloud, USB, or debug port connections.

SoundCheck 可为任何智能设备提供简单、快速和准确的“开环”测试——无论其外形尺寸、功能、连接器或附加特性如何。 它通过有线、无线/蓝牙、云端、USB 或调试端口连接测量全方位的特性,例如驱动程序性能、麦克风阵列性能、语音识别和语音质量指标。


SoundCheck’s long history as a multipurpose electroacoustic test system means that Listen, Inc. has unrivalled expertise in the various tests used in voice activated audio devices – e.g. microphone array testing and beamforming, driver testing, speakerphone testing to TIA standards, active noise cancellation, voice quality measurements and speech recognition metrics.

SoundCheck 作为多用途电声测试系统的悠久历史意味着 Listen, Inc. 在声控音频设备中使用的各种测试方面拥有无与伦比的专业知识 - 例如。 麦克风阵列测试和波束成形、驱动器测试、符合 TIA 标准的扬声器测试、有源噪声消除、语音质量测量和语音识别指标。


Furthermore, Listen, Inc. has been making ‘open loop’ measurements – measurements on devices with no direct access to the microphone or speaker for longer than any other test equipment supplier. This has resulted in extremely sophisticated algorithms for optimizing the speed and accuracy of open loop tests, as well as the expertise to guide you through the process.

此外,Listen, Inc. 一直在进行“开环”测量——在无法直接访问麦克风或扬声器的设备上进行测量的时间比任何其他测试设备供应商都长。 这导致了用于优化开环测试的速度和准确性的极其复杂的算法,以及指导您完成整个过程的专业知识。


Smart Speaker / Smart Device Measurements Include 智能扬声器/智能设备测量包括

-  Traditional measurements such as frequency response, directionality, distortion 频率响应、方向性、失真等传统测量
-  Telephony tests to TIA standards   TIA 标准的电话测试
-  In-situ measurements such as voice recognition in noisy environments  现场测量,例如嘈杂环境中的语音识别
-  Signal to noise with background noise simulation 具有背景噪声模拟的信噪比

Directionality of smart speaker microphone


The SoundCheck System

SoundCheck’s modular combination of hardware and software is cost-effective, flexible and expandable.

SoundCheck 的硬件和软件模块化组合具有成本效益、灵活和可扩展性。


At the heart of the system is the SoundCheck software. Powerful, fast and accurate, it measures every audio parameter from the R&D laboratory to the production line. With smart triggering and sophisticated post-processing algorithms to allow asynchronous measurement (commonly known as ‘open loop testing’), SoundCheck offers incredible flexibility for testing using virtually any interface including Bluetooth, cloud-based systems, A2B® bus automotive interfaces and more. Complete flexibility in stimulus choice enables the use of real and complex test signals such as multitone, speech, and even music, to test devices.

系统的核心是 SoundCheck 软件。功能强大、快速准确,可测量从研发实验室到生产线的每一个音频参数。凭借智能触发和复杂的后处理算法,允许异步测量(通常称为“开环测试”),SoundCheck 提供了难以置信的灵活性,可以使用几乎任何接口进行测试,包括蓝牙、基于云的系统、A2B® 总线汽车接口等。刺激选择的完全灵活性允许使用真实和复杂的测试信号(例如多音、语音甚至音乐)来测试设备。


Repeatable, automated tests are quickly and easily created, modified and saved using the simple point-and-click interface. Several easy to modify sample sequences for measuring voice-activated devices are provided. These include sequences for open loop microphone and speaker test, as well as more complex sequences for specific test standards such as TIA 910 and background noise simulation to the ETSI ES 202 396-1 standard.

The software also controls the audio measurement hardware – an audio interface, measurement microphone, power supplies, and amplifiers and speakers for background noise generation.

使用简单的点击式界面可以快速轻松地创建、修改和保存可重复的自动化测试。提供了几个易于修改的用于测量声控设备的示例序列。其中包括用于开环麦克风和扬声器测试的序列,以及针对特定测试标准(例如 TIA 910)和 ETSI ES 202 396-1 标准的背景噪声模拟的更复杂序列。


Smart Speaker test results showing frequency response and distortion


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