07. MEZZO 2-Ch. Analyzer

More than just a DAQ system, the DSP embedded in each MEZZO 2-Channel Analyzer ensures real-time signal processing. Designed to be used with a tablet PC or any other Windows-based PC.

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The MEZZO 2-Channel Analyzer benefits from the versatility and flexibility provided by computers. This approach allows the MEZZO 2- Channel Analyzer along with the MEZZO Waveform Recorder Module to provide advance processing. 

Mezzo Software-  Waveform Recorder

 The Waveform Recorder Module is the perfect tool for advanced sound and vibration signal processing. More than just a recorder, it also provides several post-processing tools:

-          Time History

-          FFT Spectrum

-          Fractional Octave Spectrum

-          Statistics

-          FRF

-          Waterfall

-          And More

sound and Vibration

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