S&V 2017 Taipei Headphone Seminar

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  • 01. Next Generation Headphone Testing
    01. Next Generation Headphone Testing

    Better testing means better products -The headphone market is expanding rapidly these years. Advances in technology have allowed for not only production of headphones in a wide range of types and forms, but also improved performance and connectivity. 耳机声学测试 More Details: New Headphone Testing

  • 02.Headphone Production Line Test
    02.Headphone Production Line Test

    The 45CC Headphone Test Fixture is for dual-channel testing of headphones and headsets, and it is built on our vast experience in the field. With a focus on multiple configuration options and accurate and repeatable test results, the test fixture can easily be adapted to many different headphone/headset designs and sizes. 45CC耳机测试夹具用于耳机的双通道测试。 45CC 45CC   Production Line Test Fixture Leaflet

  • 24. High Resolution Ear Simulator
    27. High Resolution Ear Simulator

    Reliable measurements of headphones and earphones up to 20 kHz  高分辨率耳模拟器可靠测量高达20 kHz的耳机和耳机 G.R.A.S.  -Improved repeatability above 10 kHz 提高10 kHz以上的可重复性 --  -Measurements below and above 10 kHz both in the same measurement setup 在相同的测量设置中测量低于和高于10 kHz的值 --  -The dampened resonance means better distortion measurements, even from as low as 3-5 kHz  阻尼共振 意味着更好的失真测量,即使是低至3-5 kHz.