03. 4-Channel Sound and Vibration Analyzer

Class 1 4-channel Sound & Vibration Analyser  




Class 1 4-channel Sound & Vibration Analyser is dedicated for all applications that require simultaneous class 1 sound and vibration assessment. 

1精度 4通道声振分析仪专用于需同时进行1精度的不同声音和振动评估的应用。

More Details: 4-Channel Sound and Vibration Analyzer

More details

SVAN 958A Class 1 Four-channel Sound & Vibration Analyser is dedicated for all applications that require simultaneous class 1 sound and vibration assessment. Each of four input channels can be independently configured for sound or vibration detection with different filters and RMS detector time constants giving users an enormous measurement flexibility. 


The real advantage of SVAN 958A is the capability to perform advanced analysis simultaneously to the level meter mode. In practise this allows the user to obtain broad-band results such as Leq, RMS, LMax, LMin, LPeak together with four-channel analysis like FFT or octave band analysis.


List of available analyser functions includes FFT, 1/1 or 1/3 octave, cross spectra, sound intensity, RT 60 and more. The 4-channel time-domain signal recording to .wav format is available as well as an exceptional feature! All measurement results are stored in non-volatile 32 MB internal memory or USB memory stick and can be easily downloaded to a PC with SvanPC++ software.


SVAN 958A with RS 232 interface (SV 55) can be offered with GPRS modem or LAN & WLAN connection module. Together with SvanPC++_RC remote communication software, these interfaces provide easy remote access to instrument settings & data over Internet and local area network. Instrument is powered from four AA standard or rechargeable batteries as well as from the external DC power source or USB interface. Robust case and light weight design accomplish the exceptional features of this new generation instrument.



SVAN 958A 1精度四通道声音和振动分析仪专用于需要同时进行1级声音和振动评估的所有应用。四个输入通道中的每一个都可以独立配置,以便使用不同的滤波器和RMS检测器时间常数进行声音或振动检测,从而为用户提供巨大的测量灵活性。


SVAN 958A真正的优势是能够同时对电平表模式执行高级分析。 在现实中,这允许用户获得宽带结果,例如Leq,RMS,LMax,LMin,LPeak以及四通道分析,如FFT或倍频带分析。


可用的分析仪功能列表包括FFT、1/1或1/3倍频程带、交叉光谱、声强、RT 60等。 可提供4通道时域信号记录.wav格式以及特殊功能! 所有测量结果都存储在非易失性32 MB内存或USB记忆棒中,可以使用SvanPC ++软件轻松下载到PC。


带有RS 232接口(SV 55)的SVAN 958A可以提供GPRS调制解调器或LAN和WLAN连接模块。 可与SvanPC ++ _ RC远程通信软件一起,这些接口可通过Internet和局域网轻松远程访问仪器设置和数据。 仪器由四节AA标准或可充电电池以及外部直流电源或USB接口供电。 坚固的外壳和轻巧的设计实现了这新一代仪器的卓越功能。



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