05. Smartphone and Tablet Measurements

The Smartphone & Tablet Measuremet needed the following equipment or software, The SoundCheck system, the All-in-one Audio Interface-AmpConnect ISC, the 2in-2out Audio Interface -AudioConnect, -SCM Microphone and also the speakers. 


More Details: Smartphone& Tablet Meausurements

More details

SoundCheck is a complete system for testing and measuring Smartphones and Tablets from the R&D lab to the production line. It measures all audio parameters for the speakers and microphones in the finished devices, as well as measuring sound quality to TIA standards.

SoundCheck是一个完整的系统,用于测试和测量从研发实验室到生产线的智能手机和平板电脑。 它可以测量成品设备中扬声器和麦克风的所有音频参数,以及根据TIA标准测量音质。


SoundCheck can measure all the audio in a smartphone or tablet, both in terms of measuring the speakers and microphones before they are incorporated into the product, AND for testing the complete finished product. Here we will focus on measuring the complete product.



Measuring the audio on a finished smartphone or tablet can be challenging as their inputs and outputs of the speakers and microphones are buried in electronics and not easily accessible. However, SoundCheck can make transducer measurements on such devices provided that you can get the audio test signal file onto your device, for example by embedding it into the device software for recall as part of the test, or simply recording it via the device’s microphone. This avoids the need for expensive cell station simulators, hugely reducing the cost of your test system. In addition, with SoundCheck’s sequence editor making production line testing easy and repeatable, and a wide variety of test signals within SoundCheck, it is possible to carry out extremely fast production line testing of cellphones and tablets. As well as standard loudspeaker and microphone tests such as frequency response, distortion, sensitivity, polarity, rub and buzz, etc., SoundCheck also measures to telephone test standards such as TIA-810 and TIA-920, enabling all the audio on your cellphone to be tested.

在完成的智能手机或平板电脑上测量音频可能极具有挑战性,因为它们的扬声器和麦克风的输入和输出都埋在电子设备中并且不容易存取。但是,SoundCheck 可以在此类设备上进行换能器测量,前提是您可以将音频测试信号文件保存到您的设备上,例如,将其嵌入设备软件以作为测试的一部分进行调用,或简单地通过设备的麦克风进行记录。这避免了对昂贵的基站模拟器的需求,大大降低了测试系统的成本。此外,借助 SoundCheck 的程序编辑器使生产线测试变得简单且可重复,以及 SoundCheck 内的各种测试信号,可以对手机和平板电脑进行极快的生产线测试。除了标准的扬声器和麦克风测试,如频率响应、失真、灵敏度、极性、摩擦和嗡嗡声等,SoundCheck 还测量 TIA-810 和 TIA-920 等电话测试标准,使您的手机上的所有音频进行测试。


The main difference between testing smartphone/tablet audio and normal loudspeakers and microphones is that conventionally, you have an uninterrupted signal path from output to input, but in smartphone/tablet testing the inputs and outputs are not directly connected – this is known as open loop testing. To further complicate matters, the input and output may be in different domains (e.g. analog output and digital input), the input and output are asynchronous (different sample rates), and there is often a variable delay between input and output

测试智能手机/平板电脑音频与普通扬声器和麦克风之间的主要区别在于,传统上,您有一个从输出到输入的不间断信号路径,但在智能手机/平板电脑测试中,输入和输出不是直接连接的——这被称为开环 测试。 更复杂的是,输入和输出可能在不同的域(例如模拟输出和数字输入),输入和输出是异步的(不同的采样率),并且输入和输出之间通常存在可变延迟



While this sounds daunting, it is not a problem in SoundCheck. Signal path calibration overcomes the input and output being in different domains. Re-sampling and frequency shift post-processing options compensate for different sample rates and phases, and finally, the auto-delay analysis option compensates for a variable delay between input and output.

In short, any test that SoundCheck can carry out on a stand-alone loudspeaker or microphone can be made on a closed loop, playback only, or record only device such as a smartphone, tablet, network audio device, digital voice recorder and more.

虽然这听起来令人生畏,但在 SoundCheck 中这不是问题。 信号路径校准克服了输入和输出在不同域中的问题。 重新采样和频移后处理选项可补偿不同的采样率和相位,最后,自动延迟分析选项可补偿输入和输出之间的可变延迟。

简而言之,SoundCheck 可以在独立扬声器或麦克风上执行的任何测试都可以在闭环、仅播放或仅录制设备上进行,例如智能手机、平板电脑、网络音频设备、数字录音机等。


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