03. Production Line Acoustic Test Chamber

The G.R.A.S. AL0030 Production Line Acoustic Test Chamber-  is for acoustic production line testing of mobile devices. It provides a flexible platform that can be configured to suit specific requirements.

S&V Samford Instruments Ltd. 

More Details:  Acoustic Test Chamber

More details

sound and vibration

The test chamber built from medium density fibre board lined with acoustic damping material, allows easy access to the chamber for configuring the test setup. It has 4 fixing points for microphones and sound source. Holders for a total of 4 microphones and/or sound sources can be mounted at these fixing points. Additionally, a microphone can be attached to the drawer.

S&V Samford Instruments Ltd. 

A connector panel with:

-  4 BNC connectors 

-  2 USB

-  2 Mini DIN connectors 


S&V Samford

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