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   Smart Speaker – Embedded  microphone Test Sequence

   智能扬声器 - 嵌入式麦克风测试序列


GRAS .  

  Choosing GRAS for Production line testing




   Certified Compact Digital and Thermal Camera  - TOUGHPIX DIGITHERM





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    01. TOUGHPIX DIGITHERM (NEW!) - 精巧型数码和热成像摄像机

    TOUGHPIX DIGITHERM 精巧型数码和热成像摄像机  CorDEX The TOUGHPIX DIGITHERM is a ruggedized, compact, high resolution digital imaging camera capable of capturing true 5MP visual images along with fully radiometric thermal images making this camera your go-to tool for fault finding, documentation whether your work is HVAC, building envelope inspections, electrical repair or facility maintenance.

  • 02.Headphone Production Line Test
    02.Headphone Production Line Test

    The 45CC Headphone Test Fixture is for dual-channel testing of headphones and headsets, and it is built on our vast experience in the field. With a focus on multiple configuration options and accurate and repeatable test results, the test fixture can easily be adapted to many different headphone/headset designs and sizes. 45CC耳机测试夹具用于耳机的双通道测试。 45CC 45CC   Production Line Test Fixture Leaflet

  • 09. SoundCheck System
    10. SoundCheck System-SoundCheck 20

    Listen 新发布 SoundCheck 20  SoundCheck 20 introduces our state-of-the-art perceptual distortion algorithm for end-of-line testing - Enhanced Perceptual Rub & Buzz. --- More Details: Sound Check System  SoundCheck 20  New Features  Soundcheck 20 new features video