03. HM Hydrophones

The HM-series membrane hydrophones are the gold standard for pulsed wave imaging applications that require a flat response over a broad bandwidth.

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HM 系列膜式水听器是脉冲波成像应用的黄金标准,需要在宽频宽上实现平坦响应。

More Details: HM Series 

More details

The HM Series membrane hydrophones are designed for measuring pulsed ultrasound fields. Their extremely flat sensitivity results in the best reproduction of acoustic waveforms. An unbacked version, based on a traditional configuration, can withstand relatively higher power measurements, while a more rugged backed version prevents membrane vibration during scanning motion. Both types are excellent choices as in-house primary or secondary standards.

HM 系列薄膜水听器专为测量脉冲超声场而设计。 它们极其平坦的灵敏度可实现最佳的声学波形再现。 基于传统配置的无背版本可以承受相对较高的功率测量,而更坚固的背衬版本可防止扫描运动期间的膜振动。 这两种类型都是作为内部主要或次要标准的绝佳选择。

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Technical Specifications 技术规格

HMA-0200 HMA-0500 HMB-0200 HMB-0500
Frequency range 频率范围 (±3dB)

0.5 to 45 MHz

Nominal Sensitivity 标称灵敏度 [dB re 1V/μPa] * -260 -248 -256 -244
Nominal Sensitivity 标称灵敏度 [nV/Pa] 100 398 158 631

Max Pressure (p-p) within Linearity Range of Integral Preamp (MPa) 



53 12 25 7
Output Impedance 输出阻抗 >50 Ω
Max. Operating Temperature 最高承受温度 40 °C

----------Sound and vibration 

* Provided with traceable calibration 1-20 MHz at 50 KHz intervals. For other calibrations available visit our web site.

以 50 KHz 的间隔提供 1-20 MHz 的可追溯校准。 如需其他可用的校准,请访问我们的网站。
** Based on criterion defined by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC)
Specifications are subject to change without notice.

基于国际电工委员会 (IEC) 定义的标准规格如有更改,恕不另行通知。


Data Sheet 


sound and vibration 

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